President Trump WH Rejected bipartisan DACA amnesty bill as “a big step backwards. Will You Help Promote The Big Step Forward?

In a Tweet on Friday, Pres. Trump called the DACA proposal a "big step backwards".
The so-called bipartisan DACA deal presented yesterday to myself and a group of Republican Senators and Congressmen was a big step backwards. Wall was not properly funded, Chain & Lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take large numbers of people from high crime countries which are doing badly.
Help promote the 'big step forward!  
#EndChainMigration #SecureTheBorder #EndVisaLottery 

MaryAnn McCarthy, NC  
Ginny Quaglia, NC 
Tina Turner, IN  Katie Spee, GA  
Deadline is January 19th (though it could be sooner).
We have it on very good authority that House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte's bill, H.R.4760, Securing America's Future Act, may be the best opportunity to focus on real fixes for our border security and immigration system, rather than amnesty. Bill text here.
Among other things, the bill:
1.   Ends Chain Migration
2.   Cuts off law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities
3.   Abolishes Diversity Visa Lottery
4.   Authorizes Full Border Wall
5.   Requires E-Verify
6.   Allows those who meet all DACA criteria to pay administrative and $1000 Border Security fees to obtain a renewable 3 yr work permit, but not green card or citizenship.
1.   Call your U.S. Representative's office  and urge them to co-sponsor and support the Goodlatte bill, H.R. 4760, Securing America's Future Act, if they aren't already. Thank them if they are, or offer to send them the bill summary if they are not. Tell them you support the bill, but not citizenship, and the bill should not be attached to a spending bill. Reply to us to let us know what you learn.
2.   Call both your U.S. Senators' offices and let them know you support the Goodlatte bill and you expect the Senate to produce a like companion bill. Urge them to sponsor/co-sponsor it. Tell them the immigration reforms should take place first, no citizenship, and immigration reform should not be part of a spending bill.
3. Call the following key Representatives and Senators who are closely involved in negotiating an "immigration deal," using the following script as a guide:
My name is xxxxx.
I know (Sen./Rep. name) is negotiating with President Trump about an immigration deal.
I urge him/her to support House Bill 4760, Securing America's Future Act.
This bill does the following, which are critical to me:
  1. ends Chain Migration
  2. cuts off law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities
  3. abolishes the Diversity Visa Lottery
  4. authorizes the Full Border Wall
  5. requires every employer to use E-Verify
  6. those who meet all DACA criteria and pay a Border Security Fee may obtain a renewable 3 year work permit, but not a green card nor citizenship
These items are non-negotiable to help protect our national sovereignty and border security.
Thank you.
  • Paul Ryan (R), Speaker 202 225 3031
  • Kevin McCarthy (R), House Majority Whip  202 225 2915
  • Steny Hoyer (D), House Minority Whip  202  225 4131
Mitch McConnell (R), Majority Leader 202-224-2541
Senate Republican Working Group
  • John Cornyn (R ), Majority Whip 202-224-2934
  • Tom Cotton (R) 202-224-2353
  • Chuck Grassley (R) 202-224-3744
  • James Lankford (R) 202-224-5754
  • David Perdue (R) 202-224-3521
  • Thom Tillis (R) 202-224-6342
Senate Gang of 6
  • Lindsey Graham (R) 202-224-5972
  • Jeff Flake (R) 202-224-4521                             
  • Corey Gardner (R) 202-224-5941
  • Michael Bennett (D) 202-224-5852
  • Dick Durbin (D), Minority Whip 202-224-2152
  • Bob Menendez (D) 202-224-4744
4. Contact The White House, saying you support President Trump's Principles of Immigration Reform , including securing the border, ending chain migration,ending the diversity visa lottery, and that you are opposed to citizenship.

 Let President Trump know you are in favor of the Goodlatte bill, H.R. 4760.

5. Participate in our Social Media Blitz on Tuesday, January 16, 8pm - 10pm. Details to follow.  
Daniel Horowitz on Goodlatte bill: 
White House statement  on 1/10/18 about the Goodlatte bill.
We know you care about our nation and what we will leave to our posterity.  Please do not leave this to someone else.  
There have only been 8 years since the Great Depression when the GOP held the House, Senate, and Presidency.  This is that 8th year.  We have GOP representatives who are no longer beholden to constitutional principles.  We need to make them feel the heat.  
 Please take action, Call and share this email with your groups and lists!  Give us your feed back.
Our posterity says