The Path Ahead Timeline

The Path Ahead: A Timeline for Action


November 2016: 

-Leadership Elections

-Conference Rules

-New Member Orientations

-Transition Landing Teams for President-elect Trump


December 2016: 

-Lame Duck Session

-2017 Appropriations

-Cabinet Preparation


January 2017: 

-New Congress comes in on January 3rd

-Presidential Inauguration on January 20th

-Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Orders Repealed including gun control, immigration, transgender bathrooms, etc.

-Beachhead Teams stay on with President Trump

-Legislative Agenda Outlined

-3,000 White House jobs to fill

-Obamacare fully repealed right out of the gate

-Committee Party Ratio Negotiations take place


February – April 2017: 

-Confirmation Fights

-Presidential Budget Released

-Debt Limit Fight Begins

-Congressional Budget Released


180 Days 

-Supreme Court Nomination

-2 to 3 major bills considered potentially including Tax Reform, Dodd-Frank repeal, Religious Liberty Protection, etc.

-2018 Appropriations

-Continue Executive Staffing

-Foreign Policy Challenges

-Regulatory Reform including energy and environmental deregulation

-Obamacare replacement bills