URGENT Action Needed to Get The Message to the DC Swamp: #POTUS Illegal Alien Amnesty Plan – UNACCEPTABLE!

Tea Time This Thursday, Feb 1, 2018 at 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Road, Arden.  Agenda:  #SupportGoodlatte, #ReleaseTheMemo, NC Board of Elections update, candidate support, items for 210th National Guard, and much more.  


ATP is coordinating with other groups like Numbers USA, FAIR Immigration, NC Listen, ALIPAC, CFC and others conservative minded patriots to send the message to  the #DCSwamp that #POTUS continuing the alien invasion with a new amnesty plan is  completely UNACCEPTABLE.  You must call, Tweet, write to make sure they get the message that the Prez.  Remember what happened to the last GOP President who betrayed us with  "Read my lips.  No new taxes."  #NoAmnesty was a cornerstone to the Trump campaign.  WE need to hold him and Congress accountable to that promise.  



On Thursday, Jan 25, 2018, the White House released their Framework on Immigration and Border Reform. And on Monday, Jan 29, 2018, is set to release their legislative solution for immigration reform, of which Breitbart has analyzed an advanced draft, the SECUREAct.

Contrary to President Trump's campaign promises, it seems the White House is asking Americans to accept unlimited amnesty, a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA beneficiaries and “Dreamers”, no end to chain migration or visa lottery until 2030, after 4 million in the chain migration pipeline are let in, and a Wall trust fund subject to misuse, construction not to begin until after amnesty.


It is of critical importance President Trump and House and Senate GOP leaders hear from us immediately. There should be no path to citizenship for illegal aliens in any immigration reform deal, and chain migration must end now! The only bill worthy of support is Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760.

Securing America's Future Act, H.R. 4760, received praise from President Trump, as it contains the “four pillars” of his stated priorities. It has been endorsed by NumbersUSA, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the powerful Republican Study Committee, and Eagle Forum. House Freedom Caucus leaders have co-sponsored it and are championing it. Co-sponsors can be found here. Bill text here.

Call the folowing  GOP NC Delegation who have NOT yet signed on to #Support Goodlatte Securing America's Future Act (H.R. 4760)

Click here to get their conservative scores and their contact info .  https://heritageaction.com/scorecard/members?query=NC

Call 'Em ... Non-Co-sponsors.  All Rs: 
George Holding NC1  202 225 3032
Walter Jones NC 3202 225 3415  
Virginia Foxx NC 5  202 225 2071.  Also contact David.Voorman@mail.house.gov
Patrick McHenry NC10  202 225 2576 
Ted Budd NC 13  202 225 4531
We are up to 82 co-sponsors on the Securing America First Act.  We went from 5 to 77 to 82 thanks to your calls, Tweets and emails.  
  Thank 'em 

As Richard Viguerie at ConservativeHQ writes: if we must do immigration reform, “the only game in town is the Securing America's Future Act (H.R. 4760) sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte,...H.R. 4760 sets a FLOOR for immigration policy below which no legislation should go.” Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review shares this view earlier.

Tell President Trump and GOP leaders the security provisions in H.R. 4760 are the bare minimum we will accept, and it’sDACA provision is already a compromise. Insist GOP House and Senate leaders bring H.R. 4760 to the floor for a vote, without amendments.

Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760:

1.   Ends Chain Migration

2.   Cuts off law enforcement grants to Sanctuary Cities

3.   Abolishes Diversity Visa Lottery

4.   Authorizes Full Border Wall

5.   Requires E-Verify

6.   Allows present DACA beneficiaries (690k) who meet all criteria to pay fees to obtain a renewable 3 yr work permit, but not a special pathway to green card or citizenship


1. Contact President Trump saying, “Mr. President, there should be no path to citizenship for illegal aliens in any immigration reform deal, and chain migration must end now! Keep your promises! I will accept nothing less than the security provisions in Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760, and no more than its DACA provisions. Please urge House and Senate GOP leaders to bring H.R. 4760 to the floor for a vote, immediately, without amendments.”

Email: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Phone comments: (202) 456-1111

Phone toll free: (877) 753-8801

Twitter verified account: @POTUS and @RealDonaldTrump

Facebook verified account: Donald J. Trump

2. Contact GOP House and Senate Leaders. Tell them, no path to citizenship for illegal aliens in any immigration reform or DACA deal, and chain migration must end now! Urge them to bring H.R. 4760, Securing America’s Future Act, to the floor for a vote, immediately, without amendments.

3. Call your U.S. Representative and urge them to co-sponsor and support the Goodlatte bill, H.R. 4760, Securing America’s Future Act, if they aren’t already. Thank them if they are, or offer to send them the bill summary if they are not. Insist H.R.4760 be brought to the floor for a vote immediately, with no amendments, and emphasis on the importance of ending chain migration. Also, no citizenship for Dreamers.

4. Call this list of U.S. House Reps we have identified as likely co-sponsors for Securing America’s Freedom Act, H.R. 4760, based on their conservative stances on immigration actions. Urge them to co-sponsor, and state your support for bringing H.R. 4760 to the House floor immediately for a vote, with no amendments.

5.   Call both your U.S. Senators and let them know you support the Goodlatte House bill, Securing America’s Future Act, H.R. 4760, and will accept no citizenship for illegal aliens, and insist on border security and an end to chain migration.

Please take action, and share this email with your groups and lists! Attached, graphics for Facebook and Twitter.


Katie Spee @1stBornAmerican

Tina Turner @INTinaT

Mary Ann McCarthy @NCCoastalRltr

Jane Bilello @AshevilleTeaPty

Ginny Quaglia @GQInNC

Citizens Freedom Caucus

@CitzFreedomCauc on Twitter

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