Statement from ATPAC regarding Congressional and State candidates who are unwilling to step up to Independence Caucus Vetting Process, a Citizen Led Job Interview.

Many politicians don’t want to be pinned down because ‘something’ they say may be used against them. As candidates or elected public servants, they are obligated to defend their positions. Their positions should not be moving targets. Representatives work for We The People. Not the other way around. They owe their constituents explanations and justifications. They owe US assurance that they will not sell US out to big money/special interest groups to fill their campaign coffers. Will they scrutinize legislation under a Constitutional prism? Will they protect our liberties or regulate them away in thousand page bills that will jeopardize our property rights, and grow government to the detriment of the private sector by support of crony capitalism? Will they stand fast as the 22 representatives who voted ‘no’ on the debt ceiling or cave to business as usual ‘party’ pressure? Continue reading