Press Release

Contact: Wendy Gumpert, NC Vetting
Phone: (323) 555-0190
9 A.M. EDT, February 20, 2012

Congressional district 11, NC, FEBRUARY 20, 2012:  Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, endorsed by iCaucus in December 2011, has notified iCaucus he will be leaving the race for Congressional District 11.  iCaucus wishes to thank Dr. Eichenbaum, his family, and his campaign staff for participation in the process and stepping up to vetting by the citizens of his district. We regret his campaign felt they could not continue.

It is the policy of iCaucus to conference with their endorsed candidate when these situations occur.  We have done so with Dr. Eichenbaum.  Dr. Eichenbaum has asked iCaucus to re-open the endorsement process for the remaining candidates in this district.  Each candidate will once again receive an invitation into the process and will have a deadline of 2 weeks in which to accept or decline.

We offer sincere appreciation to Dr. Eichenbaum for once again showing the honor, courage, and principles that resulted in his endorsement.  We look forward to seeing him again in the future.  We also thank all of the affiliated group members and iCaucus members who participated in this process and will continue to do so again.

iCaucus National Leadership


Dr. Dan 4 Congress 2012 – February 20, 2012

Dr. Dan says thank you . . .

With the filing deadline upon us, having spent many of the past days in prayer and discussions with family and friends, I have decided that I will not file for US Congress in North Carolina’s 11th District.

Over the past several months of the campaign, listening to the other candidates for Congress in NC 11, I find increasingly little difference, on paper or in words, between the positions I have consistently held and theirs. More importantly, I am unable to self-fund sufficiently to compete against those who can. As such, I see no clear path to victory in the primary.

I wish to extend my appreciation to my wife and my children, my team, family, friends and all who have supported me in my political endeavors over the past two election cycles.  My thanks and appreciation go out to the Asheville Tea Party, Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Cherokee County 9-12 Project, the FairTax organization, and other grassroots organizations who, standing firm on conservative principles, refuse to give in to pressure from the establishment of both political parties.

I extend my deepest heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Jane Bilello, Chair of the Asheville Tea Party and Asheville Tea Pac, for her unwavering commitment to saving our nation at great personal sacrifice.

For those candidates seeking the support of grassroots groups, especially those affiliated with the iCaucus, I urge you to submit to its vetting process. Evaluation and approval of your platform by independent groups gives citizens of this district the ability to hold you accountable for your actions in Washington, D.C.

Be assured, I will continue to champion private property rights, Constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and a free market economy based on the principles of sound monetary policy.

I remain passionately committed to educating everyone I can on the urgency of repealing ObamaCare in January 2013, and spreading awareness about Agenda 21, the United Nation’s incremental plan to take away US citizen’s private property rights and, ultimately, US sovereignty.

As patriots, we must resist with vigor the elitists in the current administration and their fellow travelers in both parties who seek to steal our birthright of Freedom and replace it with the tyranny of Socialism.

May God Bless America.
Trust in Freedom
Dr Dan Eichenbaum

2/13/2012: iCaucus Updates on NC Candidates for Congress, State Office and General Assembly

iCaucus Updates: The following candidates have stepped up to the iCaucus Vetting process at the NC state and federal level. If you would like to participate in the on line interview, please contact Jane Bilello, iCaucus, NC CQQ Coordinator. Since you are a part of ATPAC you will be sent a link when the interview is complete. Please follow directions, view the interview. You will then be sent another link to vote. PLEASE participate.

Endorsed Candidate thus far: Dr. Dan Eichenbaum (R), NC 11 Congressional Candidate

Conference Period and Vote Upcoming: Senator Jim Davis, Senate 50. Look for email with directions to participate.

Completed Interviews: Dr. Mike Beitler, candidate for Secretary of State. As soon as AJ Doud, also candidate for Secretary of State, completes his interview, iC will have the Conference Period and Vote.

iCaucus Scheduled Interviews:
Monday 2/13, 7:30 p.m. R.L. Clark, candidate for Senate 50
Sunday, 2/19, 7:30 pm, Dan Forest, candidate for Lt Governor

Upcoming and in the Process of Scheduling:
Congressman Patrick McHenry, NC 10
AJ Doud, candidate for Secretary of State
NC Rep Glen Bradley, candidate for NC Senate 18

The opponents to each of these candidates were sent invitations with time stamps to step up to the iC process, a Citizen Led Job Interview. They have not responded. We move forward so we can get the best possible candidates endorsed so we can campaign early and before the primary to get them elected. NC Reps and Senate candidates from District 13 have also been sent time stamped invitations. iC awaiting a response. iC NC Affiliate Groups are in the process of developing a Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire (CQQ) for Henderson County Commissioner candidates.

In Congress, we presently have 2010 iCaucus Endorsed and elected candidates doing the work we want: They include Senators Mike Lee and Jim Demint, Representatives Jason Chaffetz, Justin Amash, Joe Walsh, Jeff Duncan, David Schweikert, to name a few. Shortly, iCaucus will feature a video interview with them, what they have accomplished and what still needs to be done. They cannot do this work without more like them. Let’s help to get good, principled candidates into office. To see YouTube video of Jason Chaffetz interivew with Dylan Radigan, Click here

Candidates do not have to step up. That’s perfectly fine. It is their choice. It is not ours. However, they make it perfectly clear that they do not want to participate and they obviously do not want our help. We will support candidates who walk unafraid of their words and their commitments to WE THE PEOPLE to defend and champion our principles: individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. Please see www.icaucus.org for more information about iCaucus, its vetting, endorsing, campaigning, and Sentinel Program to hold them accountable once they are elected.

Following candidates have stepped up to the iCaucus Vetting process at the NC state and federal level

Hello Patriots,

The following candidates have stepped up to the iCaucus Vetting process at the NC state and federal level.  If you would like to participate and have your group participate in the interview, conference period and voting to endorse, help to elect, and then hold them accountable,  please contact Wendy Gumpert, iCaucus NC Interview Coordinator, Jane Bilello, iCaucus, NC CQQ Coordinator or Mitzi Fortune, iCaucus National Affiiate Group Director.  If you are not familiar with iCaucus or wish to know more, please go to www.icaucus.org.
For Affiliate Group Information: Go to www.icaucus.org. At the top of page: Click, Get Involved. Drop down menu – Affiliate Groups.   I have attached a short Power Point presentation for your perusal.
Also, see the following for a brief overview:
NC Candidates who have stepped up to the process:    Dr. Mike Beitler, candidate Secretary of State;  A.J. Doud, candidate, Secretary of State; Dan Forest, candidate Lt Governor; Rl Clark, Senate candidate NC 49; Sen Jim Davis. NC 50 andiC endorsed in 2010; Congressman Patrick McHenry, NC 10.  Their opponents to these offices have been contacted to participate in the iCaucus vetting process.  Walter Dalton, Lt Gov (D0  responded today, Moneay, 2/2/122 and an invitation has been sent.The remainder have not responded as of this writing. The deadline is tomorrow. If you know of other candidates in your area whom you would like to put through the process, please contact either Wendy or Jane.
Dr Dan Eichenbaum, Congressional Candidate, NC 11, is the first 2012 iCaucus endorsed candidate in the U.S. and in NC.  He was also endorsed in 2010.
The NC Candidates above are working their way from the Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire to the Interview.  They are good folks.  They need our grassroots support. They will need statewide and district wide grassroots boots on the ground support.  Our job is to make sure they truly stand for limited government, individual rights, fiscal responsibility and free market principles and they are not bought and paid for by political parties or beholden to special interest groups. This process is a Citizen Led Job Interview.
 If you are not part of an iC Affiliate Group yet and would like to, Go to www.icaucus.org. At the top of page: Click, Get Involved. Drop down menu – Affiliate Groups for further information.
 In Congress, we presently have 2010 iCaucus Endorsed and elected candidates doing the work we want:  They include Senators Mike Lee and Jim Demint, Representatives Jason Chaffetz, Justin Amash, Joe Walsh, Jeff Duncan, David Schweikert,  to name a few.  Shortly, iCaucus will feature a video interview with them, what they have accomplished and what still needs to be done.  They cannot do this work without more like them.  Let’s help to get good, principled candidates into office.  (See YouTube video of Jason Chaffetz interivew with Dylan Radigan.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl_rTf3Kr84&feature=channel)
For Affiliate Group Information: Go to www.icaucus.org. At the top of page: Click, Get Involved. Drop down menu – Affiliate Groups. 
Please feel free to share this information with others and to contact us.  Thank you.
Thank you,
Jane Bilello
IC NC CQQ Coordinator
cc:  Wendy Gumpert, NC iC Interview Coordinator
Ron Adams, iC National Research Director
Mitsy Fortune, iC National Affiliate Group Director
Dara Bailey, iC National Vetting Director