As promised … NC 11 Congressional Candidate Info

As promised, ATPAC will get pertinent information to you so you can make a wise decision for the NC 11 congressional candidate in the Primary run off on July 17th. I received this information from the iCaucus National Directors and the vetting team in NC. The iCaucus Oppositional Research Department and the Virtual Campaign Team will have to go to bat for Vance Patterson should he win. In the meantime, iCaucus is required to put out information on all candidates. Please recall: Both candidates were dead even in iCaucus votes. Hence, in the interest of fairness and unity, iCaucus and the Affiliate groups did not endorse either but encouraged voters to compare their information to make a wise choice.

There are seven sections that contain 50 questions on the Federal iCaucus CQQ (Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire). Each of the questions is actually a commitment to our principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual rights and free market capitalism. In three of those sections – The Role of Government/National Sovereignty, Personal Character and Federal Taxation – the candidate is asked to make a commitment to reject legislation that is not specifically enumerated in our Constitution. The only legitimate purpose of our national taxation policy is the original intent of raising necessary revenues to fund constitutionally enumerated government services. For example, legislation that furthers the tax burden on us that encourages crony capitalism by picking winners and losers like Cash for Clunkers and boon doggle green energy programs like Solyndra. These programs offer rebates to manipulate consumer markets, are funded on the backs of tax payers, and have brought us to a 16 trillion dollar national debt and bankruptcy.

Therefore, please go to the following website ad and please ask yourself: Is this a legitimate purpose of our national taxation policy that comes under raising revenues to fund constitutionally enumerated government services? (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8)

NC 11 Congressional Run Off Information

The iCaucus vetting process yielded a dead even tie between Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson. Thus, iCaucus and the Affiliate Groups did not endorse one over the other for the primary. In the primary, Mark Meadows garnered 35,733 or 37.83% of the vote and Vance Patterson garnered 23,306 or 23.61%. The responsibility of the grassroots iCaucus Affiliate Groups is to bring both of these candidates before you. The responsibility of the candidates is to clearly define the differences between them, as they perceive them tp be. YOUR responsibility as an educated voter and citizen is to pay close attention to the factual information about each of these candidates. ATPAC, as part of the iC Affiliate groups, will bring you that info on our websites, Facebook links, newspaper links, formal FEC reports and summaries of findings in them, and in Forums. PLEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THIS INFORMATION. Come to our weekly meetings. There are differences and you must determine who you think will best serve We The People.

Both candidates have agreed that they participate in a monthly iCaucus arranged conference call once elected. Those calls will address upcoming bills, votes and any special interest money coming into their coffers. ATPAC assures all of you that who ever wins this election will not be able to sign a birthday card without us finding out about it. We will publicize these findings on social media, newspapers and any other media. Should the representative ‘sip the cool aid,’ we will primary them out in the next election. That is a solemn promise. You can thank iCaucus for giving us the many tools – the Sentinel Program and Oppositional Research – to make that possible.

The Message To The Winner of the July 17th NC 11 Run Off and the General Election and to the GOP: The party is over. “If ever a time should come,when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, ourcountry will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent itsruin.” Sam Adams, 1776 …
That time has come! JB

July 17th Run Off Slate of Candidates: The following NC races are in a run off on July 17th. The only candidate we endorse on this list is DAN FOREST, LT GOVERNOR .Both Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson tied in the iCaucus vetting process and hence, we recommend that you take an in depth look at both. Since 5/14, the six iCaucus Affiliate groups in NC 11, asked both candidates – several times – for dates of their availability for candidate forums. As of this writing, they have committed to one forum: Cherokee 912 in Murphy, Thursday, May 24th.
As July 17th gets closer, we will have a list of recommended candidates in each category

11 District US House
Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson: both have gone through the vetting process yielding a tie vote

NC Lieutenant Governor
Dan Forest is our iC endorsed candidate and endorsed by iCaucus Affiliate groups across NC. Please vote for Dan on July 17th. Help us to get him elected!
Opponent: Tony Gurley

We will bring you a slate of ‘recommended’ candidates for the following races .
NC commissioner of Insurance
Richard Morgan and Mike Causey

NC Sec of State
Kenn Gardner; is currently moving through the iCaucus process. If anyone would like to participate in the interview, please contact
Opponent: Ed Goodwin

NC Super of ‘Public Instruction
John Todesco: Recommended by Dr. Mike Beitler and BC School Board Member, Lisa Baldwin
Opponent: Richard Alexander

FEC Reports of Contributions and Expenditures for NC 11 Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson

<strong>Mark Meadows</strong>

Link to Mark Meadows FEC Reports

October 2011 Quarterly Report
No individual contributions.
9-29-11 He loans his campaign $250,000

2011 Year End Report
$64,500 Individual Contributions
27 contributions from in state $38,850
18 out of state contributions $23,250
Chuck McGrady $250 contribution

12-31-11 received 2 contributions from Jeff Miller’s campaign for $2000 each ($4000 total)
12-1-11 paid $1000 office rent to Sierra Investment Properties (NC State Senator Tom Apodaca’s office in Hendersonville, NC)

April Quarterly Report 2012
$37,860 Individual Contributions
56 contributions from in state $33,960
9 out of state contributions $3,900

PAC Money
Edgar Starnes Campaign – Hickory, NC $200
Family Research Council PAC $5000 (sits on the board)

1-3-12 through 3-1-12 paid $3000 office rent to Sierra Investment Properties

Disbursements to
Tyler Tate Apodaca
1-25-12 $306 opening the office in Hendersonville
2-2-12 $1,335 campaign work
2-15-12 $881 office equipment / supplies
2-15-12 $1,380 campaign work
2-21-12 $160 relettering sign
3-5-12 $1,260 campaign work
3-14-12 $294 fuel, copies, signs
3-22-12 $1,447 campaign work

Jeff Miller
2-17-12 $1,276 reimbursement

Pre-Primary 4-1-12 to 4-18-12

$26,900 Individual Contributions
30 in state contributions $21,900
5 out of state contributions $5,000

PAC Money
U.S. House Rep Jeff Duncan – SC $1000
Madison Project $2,500

4-2-12 $1,000 office rent to Sierra Investment, Hendersonville,NC

Tyler Tate Apodaca
4-11-12 $1,320 campaign work
4-11-12 $562 reimbursement

5-7-12 added another $5,000 loan to his campaign.


<strong>Vance Patterson</strong>

Link to Vance Patterson FEC Reports

Year End Report 2010 Amend (ran against Patrick McHenry in NC 10 in 2010)
Had a total of $5,774 in Individual contributions for his entire campaign.
Total loans made to his campaign $277,500

April Quarterly 2011
No Individual contributions

July Quarterly 2011
No Individual contributions

October Quarterly 2011
No Individual contributions
$6,000 loan to his campaign

Year End Report 2011
No Individual contributions
$25,000 loans to his campaign ($31,000 for 2012 election cycle)

April Quarterly 2012
$4,750 Individual contributions
5 contributions, all out of state.
$240,000 in loans to his campaign ($271,000 for 2012 election cycle)
$408,875 in Bank Loans for his entire campaign from October 2009 to present
Pre Primary 4-1-12 to 4-18-12
$1,000 in Individual contributions
1 in state and 1 out of state