Asheville Tea Party Statement Regarding Supreme Court Decision

The 2700 page ObamaCare monstrosity will add $17 trillion in unfunded mandates. The cost is more than twice the unfunded obligations for Social Security. It adds further to our debt burden when we are currently borrowing forty cents out of every dollar we spend. If not repealed, it will cause every American person’s health costs to massively rise and it expands the power and overreach of the federal bureaucracy into our lives. It puts nameless, faceless, unelected IRS agents in charge of health care decisions. It is already creating a shortage of doctors which means rationing. It damages our economy and is the antithesis of what our country was founded upon – personal property rights and free market principles. It’s the King imposing taxes upon his servants at his whim! It is the biggest power grad in our history.

The Supreme Court decision outlines how the courts will rule on the health care law. The Court did not decide if the law is good American policy. The Supreme Court redefined a provision of the law that declares a mandate to be a tax, a tax that will increase each year without your consent. The law makes clear there are limits to the power of Washington to act under the Commerce Clause. However, the Court gave power to the big spenders to impose a tax on the American people while pretending they are not. The mandate remains a mandate. It demands that Americans purchase a product they do not wish to purchase. Think about that when we celebrate the birth of our nation this week. Remember … ‘Taxation without representation is tyranny.’

Do we need health care reform? Yes, but reform based upon free market choices where there is choice, access, and lower costs. If we want the intrusive government out of our lives, Americans need to get back to controlling our own health care.

What can you do: Volunteer to stand at the polls. Phone bank. Put up signs. Talk to your neighbors. Take them to the polls. Elections matter. The July 17th primary-run off matters. November matters. The Court isn’t the solution. Changing leadership is. Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney said today,
“I disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision and I agree with the dissent. What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president of the United States, and that is I will act to repeal ObamaCare.”

Let’s hold him to that. But, a President can’t do it by executive authority alone. We need leadership change in the Senate and more constitutional conservatives in the House. We need new representatives in Raleigh dedicated to states rights and nullification who will stand up and prevent onerous federal mandates thurst upon us. We need YOU to get off the couch and out of your comfort zone – now! Voters have the opportunity to send a clear message to Washington. This decision is a call to action. Between now and election day, Asheville Tea Party will be working to further educate the public regarding our Constitutional heritage and what made this country great. Our PAC will be working hard to elect those candidates who have demonstrated in word and deed that they will protect and defend those Constitutional principles they swore to uphold.

Jane Bilello
Chair: Asheville Tea Party/PAC

Tea Party Backs Candidates in GOP July 17th Primary Run-Off

Five candidates in the Republican primary run-off on July 17th have been endorsed by the Asheville Tea Party Political Action Committee (ATPAC).

The candidates and offices are: Mark Meadows for NC 11 Congressional seat; Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor; Ed Goodwin for Secretary of State; Mike Causey for Insurance Commissioner; and John Tedesco for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The candidates were vetted by ATPAC and other western North Carolina affiliate groups of iCaucus, ATPAC chairwoman Jane Bilello explained. “These candidates have clearly demonstrated that they embrace our Constitutionally conservative principles of individual rights, fiscal responsibility, limited governments and free markets,” she said.

Early voting for the primary run-off starts Thursday, June 28th at each county’s Board of Elections office. On July 17th, Primary Run-Off Day, all voting precincts will be open.

Voters can check for locations at

iCaucus is a national, non-partisan, citizen-led organization. It empowers citizens to fully participate in the election process by fairly and completely vetting candidates before the primary and then holding them accountable once elected. “That way,” Bilello said, “voters get to vote for Constitutionally Conservative candidates who have been fully vetted by an independent organization and who have committed to adherence to Constitutional authority. Voters no longer have to rely on the political parties who have given us the same compromised incumbents who have put us on this road to insolvency. This is citizens taking our government back. ”
In addition to ATPAC, the North Carolina affiliates of iCaucus are: Asheville Tea PAC (Buncombe), The Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots (Henderson, Polk, Transylvania), Cabarrus County Conservatives (Cabarrus) , Caldwell Tea Party (Caldwell), CAUTION (Common Americans United To Inspire Our Nation) (Charlotte), Cherokee 9.12 (Cherokee), FTTF (Feet To The Fire) (Wake), Haywood 9.12 (Haywood) , Polk 9.12 (Polk) , Randolph Tea Party (Randolph), Rowan Tea Party (Rowan), Sons of Liberty Riders (Buncombe, Henderson and a national organization), Stand Up North Carolina (Iredell) , The Tea Party of Greater Gaston County (Gaston) and growing!

Voting ballot is on the NC Race Pages on the iCaucus site with the interviews. Vote ends Tuesday, 6/19 at midnight.

To: Asheville Tea PAC and for info
From iCaucus National


Dear Patriots,

To Vote: If you registered on the iCaucus site, and listened to the iCaucus interviews for Secretary of State candidates, Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner, please go to step #6 below.

Directions: If you are not already registered on the iCaucus site and you have never participated in the caucus or vote, follow steps “To register” 1 – 5 below. If you are registered on the iCaucus site, go to step 6.
To register:
1. Go to
2. On the right side of the page, click Affiliate Group Individual Registration
3. Fill in the boxes with your name, etc. Make sure you include your “group name”: Asheville Tea PAC, Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Caldwell Tea Party, CAUTION, Cherokee 9.12, Feet to The Fire (FTTF), Haywood 9.12, Polk 9.12, Randolph Tea Party, Sons of Liberty Riders, Shelby County Tea Party

4. In the “Standards of Conduct” section, check “I agree with the standards of conduct.”
5. Go To the bottom and click “Register.” Watch for an email from iCaucus to verify your email address. It could go to SPAM or Junk Mail Folder.

To Participate in the iCaucus VOTE for NC Secretary of State Candidates, Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner:
6. Sign in to the iCaucus website:
7. Go to right side of the page to the “Log-in” box and log-in with your registered user and password.
8. Go to “Resources” at the top right of the page.
9. On “Resources” menu, scroll down to “State Races 2012” and click.
10. Scroll down the page to “North Carolina Races” and click. On the “North Carolina Races” page, scroll down to ” #17 – NC Secretary of State Run-Off 2012.” (NC 8 folks: #13 Keadle, Scott – Candidate – NC – Congressional 8th District – 2012)

On page “#17 – NC Secretary of State Run-Off 2012,” you will see Ed Goodwin and Kenn Gardner’s bio, picture and the interview. (Click on the right arrow play button to listen to the interview.) ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE IS A VOTING BALLOT. CLICK THE BOX WITH YOUR CHOICE. Submit. And, thank you.

NOTE: Campaign Managers, Family Members are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. In addition, to protect the integrity of the vote, iCaucus National Affiliate Group director checks with grassroots leaders to make sure the voters are members of their groups. Tea party/Affiliate Group leaders are urged to place new members to the group on a separate list until the caucus/vote is over for this race. Again, to protect the integrity of the vote and to make sure the vote is not ‘thrown.’

If you have questions, please call Jane iC NC CQQ Coordinator at 828 682 3117 or Dara Bailey, iCaucus National Vetting Director at 619 931 9368. And, thank you for participating in this Citizen Led Job Interview. Let’s get the party hacks out of our elections and have “Integrity Triumph Over Big Money Special Interests.”

Please also see for more info on these candidates. (Website, videos, etc.)