Asheville Tea PAC and iCaucus Endorsed Candidates

Race for US Congress District 11

Mark Meadows

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Race for Lt. Governor

Dan Forest

Dan Forest is Endorsed by iCaucus.

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Endorsed by:
The citizens of North Carolina which include iCaucus members and delegates, voted to endorse Dan Forest, candidate for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor with the following Affiliate Groups:
Asheville Tea PAC, Buncombe County
Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Henderson, Polk, Transylvania Counties
Cabarrus County Conservatives, Cabarrus County
Caldwell Tea Party, Caldwell County
CAUTION (Common Americans Uniting to Inspire Our Nation), Charlotte
Cherokee 9.12, Cherokee County
FTTF (Feet To The Fire), Wake County
Haywood 9.12, Haywood County
Polk 9.12, Polk County
Randolph Tea Party, Randolph County
Sons of Liberty Riders, Buncombe, Henderson Counties, National Organization

Eagle Forum Endorses Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor

Washington, D.C. — Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly endorses Dan Forest for North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor.“Dan not only has the executive experience necessary for this job, he has the right principles to govern the state of North Carolina according to its citizens’ values,” said Schlafly.

“Dan respects the sanctity of human life and is a former Chairman of the Board of Wake Forest Pregnancy Support Services,” Schlafly noted. “He is committed to empowering parents to choose schools they believe will best serve their children, to cutting taxes and regulations to help small businesses and, especially important after the disappointing Supreme Court decision, he is committed to opting North Carolina out of ObamaCare.”

“I urge all North Carolina voters to vote for Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor in the Tuesday, July 17th run-off, then again on November 6th. Please urge your friends and neighbors to do the same,” Schlafly concluded.

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.

Race for Superintendent of Public Instruction

John Tedesco

Icaucus EndorsedJohnTedesco NC Superintendent of Instruction Candidate iCaucus Endorsement 2012

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Endorsed by: Conservatives for Guilford County (C4GC), Moore Tea, Crystal Coast Tea, Eastern NC Tea, Triangle Conservatives Unite, Cabarrus Conservative Coalition, The Conservative Coalition, Citizens for Good Government, The Informed Voter PAC, While County GOP can’t endorse in primaries some clubs did like the Forsyth Men’s Club, House Majority Leader Paul “Skip” Stam (author of the marriage amendment), Steve Noble, Christian Called To Action, Paul Daniels Guilford BOE, A.L. Buddy Collins WS-Forsyth BOE, Rhonda Lennon Charlotte Meck BOE, Kaye McGarry Charlotte Meck BOE, Lisa Baldwin Buncombe BOE and a Civitas Awardee for Courage in Leadership, Tony Rose Alamance BOE, Ron Margiotta Wake BOE and a Civitas Awardee for Courage in Leadership.

Secretary of State

Ed Goodwin

Going through the Icaucus Process

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Endorsed by: AJ Daoud – Candidate for NC Secretary of State, Bill Flynn – Candidate for Congress in the 6th, Marcus Kindley – Former Guilford Co. GOP Chairman, Henry Hinton – Host, Talk of the Town Radio show, The Rhino Times – Greensboro news publication, Moore Tea Citizens, Cabarrus County Conservatives, Lee County Conservatives, The Conservative Coalition – Facebook group, The Al-Pam Organization – 14 county coalition in congressional districts 1 & 3.

Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey

Going through the Icaucus Process

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Mike is endorsed by: Moore Tea Citizens, Conservatives for Guilford County (C4GC), Outer Banks Tea Party (Dare County), Eastern North Carolina Tea Party, Citizens for Good Government (Cleveland County) and others.

The following three are not in the July 17th Run-Off, but need your vote in November.

RL Clark, running for NC Senator District 49

RL Clark

iCaucus Endorsed

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Jim Davis, running for NC Senate District 50

Jim Davis, Candidate for NC Senate District 50

iCaucus Endorsed

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NC House 113th District

Chris Whitmire

iCaucus Endorsed

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iCaucus NC 11 Candidate Removed from The iCaucus Process

“ It is with great regret that the iCaucus Executive Board has made the decision to remove Mr. Patterson from the endorsement process. It appears through research completed by the iCaucus teams at the State and National levels, there may be a conflict regarding the information contained on Mr. Patterson’s business website and the commitments on those issues he made to the local iCaucus members and affiliate groups in the Qualifying Questionnaire. iCaucus was contacted by many of those constituents with these concerns. iCaucus is a organization of individual citizens uniting to take back their representation from the establishment and special interests.”

Dara Bailey
National Vetting Director

From Asheville Tea PAC: Endorsement of Mark Meadows NC 11 in the Primary Run-Off

Asheville Tea PAC’s (ATPAC) endorsement process is done in conjunction with the iCaucus process. ATPAC has partnered with iCaucus, a national, non-partisan organization, because their principles and mission align with ours. Because iCaucus gives us the tools to thoroughly vet, provide background checks and research candidates, and then hold them accountable, ATPAC has determined that Mark Meadows can best defend our principles of individual rights, limited government fiscal responsibility and free markets.

Since the May primary, ATPAC determined, along with other NC 11 iCaucus affiliate groups, that there was a “conflict regarding the information contained on Mr. Patterson’s business website and the commitments on those issues he made to the local iCaucus members and affiliate groups in the Qualifying Questionnaire.”

Each iCaucus Affiliate Group operates as a separate entity and we are free to recommend and endorse candidates. Affiliate Groups come together in the citizen led vetting process: the interview, the caucus period, and the vote, so we can participate in the electoral process and before the primary, unite to get principled candidates elected. Because of ATPAC’s commitment, trust and close involvement in the iCaucus process, it is ATPAC’s decision to endorse Mark Meadows before the Primary Run-Off in light of new information. Mark satisfactorily completed the entire iCaucus endorsement process several months ago. Because we are a PAC, we have an obligation and a duty to our followers to recommend and when possible, endorse the best possible candidates who demonstrate in word and deed that they embrace our principles and values.

The iCaucus Affiliate Groups have requested that iCaucus issue a ballot for an endorsement vote if Mark wins the Primary Run-Off on July 17th. As a single candidate, he needs to secure 70% of the vote for an iCaucus endorsement.

Dan Forest, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and Ed Goodwin, candidate for Secretary of State, have also completed the iCaucus endorsement process and gained the votes necessary for an iCaucus endorsement and ATPAC’s as well. Both John Tedesco, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Mike Causey, candidate for Insurance Commissioner, are currently going through the iCaucus process and awaiting the vote which should come in time for the July 17th Primary Run-Off, but probably not before early voting. They come iCaucus highly recommended, have ATPAC’s recommendation, and are included on our ballot.

Remember, we are a PAC so we can legally support candidates for office who support our constitutionally conservative values and principles. Other tea parties and 9.12 groups may not be PACs and as such, participate by supporting the iCaucus process. We have 14 iCaucus Affiliate Groups across North Carolina who have participated in state wide races to date. Six of them are in NC 11 who have participated in the Congressional race.

Thank you.

Jane Bilello
iCaucus NC CQQ Coordinator

To: Dear iCaucus Members and Affiliate Group Leaders in NC 11
From: Jane Bilello
iCaucus NC CQQ Coordinator

As you know, Vance Patterson, candidate NC 11, has been removed from the iCaucus process. In addition, there has been misinformation concerning Mark Meadows that needs to be corrected. There have also been disparaging comments and negative attacks on iCaucus members and Affiliate groups and leaders. The link below is for public release to your members and anyone else who asks for the reasons and the research supporting the reasons for Mr. Patterson’s removal from the iCaucus process or to negate attempts to further false accusations and information. The statement and link below from ICaucus contain the released information, complete with attachments:

From ICaucus National Vetting Director: Public Notice – NC – 11th Congressional District

Due to requests by the members and affiliate group members of iCaucus, we are releasing information on both of the candidates in this race who participated in the iCaucus endorsement process. We hope this answers all questions that have been raised.

Dara Bailey
iCaucus National Vetting Director
619 931 9368