Warning: Voting Machine Malfunctions

Warning: Voting Machine Malfunctions need to be reported to poll judges and observers immediately. Voters be warned to REVIEW your vote before you Submit. If the problem still persists after correcting the REVIEW, immediately seek the assistance of poll judges and observers.

Also report the incident to poll workers outside your voting place so they too can report this to Voter Hotline. Hotline: 1-888 775 8117. Also report this to your Party chair. ATPAC is issuing this Warning due to voting machine malfunctions that have been reported and resulted in voting for the wrong presidential candidate. Reports coming in throughout the state, including Henderson, Polk, Wake and Guilford. Do not accept excuses. Good luck!

Voter Guide

Buncombe County Ballot November 2012 Election

Warning: By law, if you vote a straight party ticket you will NOT have voted for president, judges, school board or soil and water. You must vote for these offices as individuals. *Citizen Vetted and Endorsed by iCaucus Asheville Tea PAC, and 18 grassroots groups across NC. ** Recommended.

(1) FIRST Vote for President: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan **

(2) THEN Please vote individually and do not pull a straight Republican ticket: This leaves us open to voter fraud.

(3) Congress District 11: Mark Meadows *
Lieutenant Governor: Dan Forest *
Commissioner of Insurance: Mike Causey *
Secretary of State: Ed Goodwin *
Superintendent of Public Instruction *
State Senate District 49: RL Clark *
Chairman of BC Commissioners: JB Howard *
County Commissioner, District 2: Christina Kelley G. Merrill *
County Commissioner, District 1: Don Guge **
County Register of Deeds: Pat Cothran **

(4) Then vote for judges, school board and soil and water individually:
NC Supreme Court: Justice Paul Martin Newby
NC Court of Appeals Chris Dillion

(4) Then vote for judges, school board and soil and water individually:

NC Supreme Court:  Justice Paul Martin Newby *

NC Appelate Court:

Chris Dillon  *

Marty McGee **

David Robinson **


Buncombe County School Board:

Member at Large:  Jerry Green **

Roberson District:  Amy Churchill **

North Buncombe:  Brian Freelan **

Owen District:  Dan Hale **

Soil and Water: Jeff Foster **


Funds Needed for Radio Ads and Listen to Ads




ASHEVILLE TEA PAC R.L. Clark for October-November





The following is a breakdown of the funds received and what we are spending on candidate ads in newspapers, brochures and fliers, radio ads.  Thanks to you, we were able to do this.

$5936.66  ATPAC Account balance after the Machine Gun Social 9/29/2012
Expenses for candidate ads:
–   250.00   Asheville Daily Planet Ad October through 1st Week November
–      21.40  Office Max fliers
–   210.00  iCaucus brochures for state candidates
–   340.00   Tribune Ads in four papers for 4 weeks until November 6
– 3090.00   WWNC Radio Ads*   ($75.00 for a 30 second ad.  Runs 3 weeks, 3 pm – 7 pm slot M – F)
– 1034.00  WHKP Radio Ads**   ($11.00 for a 30 second ad for 94 ads. Runs 3 weeks, M – F.  Rotating all day)
–    400.00    WTZQ ***   ($9.50 for a 30 second ad 43 ads, M- F)
–   400.00   WSQL***  ($7.50 for a 30 second ad for 53 ads, M – F)
$191.26 left after above expenses

*  (Rl Clark, NC Senate 49) (State Level Candidates:  Dan Forest, Ed Goodwin, Mike Causey and John Tedesco) (Justice Paul Newby) (Mark Meadows NC 11) (JB Howard and Christina Kelly G. Merrill)

**  (State Level Candidates) (Justice Paul Newby) (Chris Whitmire, NC House 113)

*** (State Level Candidates) (Justice Paul Newby) (Chris Whitmire, NC House 113) (Mark Meadows, NC 11)

The heaviest saturation of ads will come the last two weeks. As soon as the ads are ready, we will get them to you on the website and in the newsletter so you can foward them and get them out on social media.   They will begin next Wednesday on the radio.

We are deeply appreciative of all of you who have continued to support Asheville Tea PAC.  The PAC legally enables us to support candidates who support our principles and who are not beholden to political parties or special interests.  In spite of the ‘rumors’, we are not nor were we ever supported by any other organization.  We are grassroots and we SOLELY depend upon great folks like YOU. It is unfortunate that many do not understand the difference between true grassroots tea party organizations and national organizations, well funded and supported by political entitles.  That’s not us!

We would like to add more ads to the ones we’ve already contracted.  The ads are not cheap, especially the WWNC ads.  We MUST get these candidates over the finish line in November. These candidates are not getting any financial support from their political party.  Does that tell you something?  We are it.  If we have 150 of the 1129 who belong to ATPAC to donate $12, we will have $1500 to run 20 more ads on WWNC at $75 each.    If you live in Transylvania/Brevard/Henderson and would like to contribute to additional ads, your address indicates which stations we will run those ads. If you donate on line, please add $1.50 to cover every $10 donation to cover fees at the donation site www.ashevilleteapac.org.)  Or send checks to ATPAC c/o J. Bilello. 218 Vincent Place, Hendersonville, NC 28739 minus the fees).  You can also indicate the candidate to run the ad for or just ‘Radio Ads.’   Thanks.

iCaucus Vote Ready for Candidates Directions

 iCaucus Vote Ready for Candidates Directions

Caucus Period Ready for State Judicial and Local Candidates

Time Sensitive: Voting Ballots are Ready for Candidates Below.  You have until Friday, 10/12 to vote.

Ballot will appear on individual race pages on Tuesday, October 9th and run through Friday, October 12th. Ballot will disappear after you vote.

Directions: If you are not already registered on the iCaucus site and you have never participated in the caucus or vote, follow steps “To register” 1 – 5 below. If you are registered on the iCaucus site, go to step 6.
To register:
1. Go to http://www.icaucus.org/
2. On the right side of the page, click the blue log in box, and register under Affiliate Group Individual Registration
3. Fill in the boxes with your name, etc. Make sure you include your “group name“: Asheville Tea PAC, Buncombe County,
The Blue Ridge Tea Party Patriots, Henderson, Polk and Transylvania Counties; Cabarrus County Conservatives, Cabarrus County; Caldwell County Tea Party, Caldwell County;
Catawba Tea Party, Catawba County; CAUTION (Common Americans United To Inspire Our Nation), Charlotte; Cherokee 9.12 Project, Cherokee County; FTTF (Feet To The Fire), Wake County;
Haywood 9.12 Project, Haywood County; Jackson County Tea Party Patriots, Jackson County; Polk 9.12 Project, Polk County; Randolph Tea Party, Randolph; Rowan Tea Party, Rowan County;
Shelby 9.12, Shelby County; Sons of Liberty Riders, National Organization; Stand Up North Carolina, Iredell County; Surry 9.12 Tea Party, Surry County; Tea Party of Greater Gaston County, Gaston County.

4. In the “Standards of Conduct” section, check “I agree with the standards of conduct.”
5. Go To the bottom and click “Register.” Watch for an email from iCaucus to verify your email address. It could go to SPAM or Junk Mail Folder.
To Participate in the VOTE forthe following candidates:

State Level Candidates. Everyone must vote for

  • Justice Paul Newby, NC Supreme Court
  • Chris Dillon, NC Court of Appleals

Local Races:

  • J.B. Howard, Chair Buncombe Commissioners
  • Josh Houston, Henderson School Board
  • Emily Cowan and Will Cathey, District Court Judge, Henderson
  • Barry Shoemaker, Cabarrus School Board
  • Sue Smolka, Catawba School Board
  • Curtis Brown, Cherokee County Commissioner
  • CB McKinnon, Cherokee County Commissioner

6.Go to the iCaucus website: http://www.icaucus.org/
7. Go to right side of the page to the “Log-in” box and log-in with your registered user and password.
8. Go to “Vetting” at the top left of the page.
9. On “Vetting” menu, scroll down to “State Races 2012” and click.
10. Scroll down the page to “North Carolina Races” and click. On the “North Carolina Races” page, scroll down to the candidate(s) in your area. Remember: Justice Newby and Chris Dillon are state wide races so everyone needs to participate.

  • Justice Newby and Chris Dillon are state level candidates. All NC citizens vote for them. The other candidates are specific to counties.
  • The caucus period begins on Friday, October 5 and ends Tuesday, October 9. The VOTE will begin Wednesday, October 10 and end on Friday, October 12, midnight. You must be diligent and listen to the interviews and then vote.
  • Click on the arrow to play the interview. Candidates: Please check your race page each day. There is a box for comments and questions during the caucus period. Folks want answers to questions and may have comments that you should respond.to. That is the purpose of the caucus period – to get to know you better and what you stand for.
    Any difficulty please contact darab@icaucus.org and websupport@icaucus.org.

NOTE: Campaign Managers, Family Members are NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE. In addition, to protect the integrity of the vote, iCaucus National Affiliate Group director checks with grassroots leaders to make sure the voters are members of their groups. Tea party/Affiliate Group leaders are urged to place new members during this period to the group on a separate list until the caucus/vote is over for this race. Again, to protect the integrity of the vote and to make sure the vote is not ‘thrown.’ You have been great about doing that. Keep up the good work! We have not had any ‘problems.’
If you have questions, please call Jane iC NC CQQ Coordinator at 828 682 3117 or Dara Bailey, iCaucus National Vetting Director at 619 931 9368. And, thank you for participating in this Citizen Led Job Interview. Let’s get the party hacks out of our elections and have “Integrity Triumph Over Big Money Special Interests.”
Jane Bilello, iCaucus NC CQQ Coordinator,  jane@ashevilleteaparty.org

Please also see https://ashevilleteapac.org/?page_id=530 for more info on these candidates. (Website, videos, etc.)
Paid for by Asheville Tea PAC and not by any candidate ot candidate’s committee.

Asheville Tea PAC Endorses Justice Paul Martin Newby, North Carolina Supreme Court

                                   Asheville Tea PAC Endorses Justice Paul Martin Newby,

North Carolina Supreme Court

Hendersonville, NC, 9:30  P.M.:  Justice Paul Martin Newby, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, has received the endorsement of Asheville Tea PAC for re-election.   The Asheville Tea PAC endorsement program is performed in conjunction with the assessment process of iCaucus.  iCaucus maintains a standard that satisfies our criteria for evaluating candidates.  

Justice Paul Martin Newby has demonstrated that he is committed to adherence to Constitutional authority.  Through the iCaucus vetting process, Asheville Tea PAC has determined that Justice Paul Martin Newby embraces our principles and can defend them:  individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. 

Asheville Tea PAC, like iCaucus, is dedicated to bringing the people back into the election process by their participation to replace compromised incumbents with good men and women who commit to Constitutional authority.   We focus on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning to get them elected.  We then hold them accountable.  Asheville Tea PAC joins other iCaucus Affiliate Groups across the state to proudly endorse Justice Paul Martin Newby for North Carolina Supreme Court.