2020 Victory Dinner Beyond Our Expectations! Jim from Sandford Won The AR-15!

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Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association County Association (CCTA) in action 

The 2020 Victory Dinner was a success beyond our expectations. A very special thanks to our our Gold and Silver Sponsors: Alex and Dawn Nelson, Lynda and Pat Bennett, Miriam and Willy Chu, Betty Edwards, Kathrine Cook, and Asheville Tea PAC (ATPAC).
There were north of 180 attending and they came from all over the state. In addition, we had more than 40 honored guests - judges, local and state and federal elected officials, GOP state and county chairs and vice chairs, college and young Republicans, and affiliated groups like Voter Integrity Project (VIP), Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA), and WNC Veterans History Museum.
Many, many thanks to our speakers: Congressman Mark Meadows, Lt Governor Dan Forest,candidate for NC Governor, Judge Phil Berger Jr, candidate for Supreme Court Justice. NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, and Mark Keith Robinson, candidate for Lt Governor. Many thanks to those who introduced our speakers: NC Senator Chuck Edwards, Rep Larry Pittman, Ron Rabin and Jim Womack.
Congratulations Jim from Sandford who won the AR-15 draw. Your AR is waiting for you at Fruitful Seasons Pistol Packing gun shop in Hendersonville. Thank you everyone who purchased a ticket to support ATPAC's campaign effort to support our candidates. You have shown unwavering confidence in us over the last ten years. We can't do this without you.
The election and reelection of these conservative candidates are the reason for our CCNC Conservative grassroots army of 10,500+ and growing.
Thank you again for coming out on a Saturday night to support this grassroots effort. NC is truly at a crossroads. Together, let us turn our once most Conservative court in the nation to what is now the most liberal, back to its Constitutionally Conservative roots. With a great Governor like Dan Forest, a Lt Governor like Mark Robinson, and the election of our Constitutionally Conservative judges, we can right the ship.
So, when you get those Red Action Alerts from us or a request to help knock on doors to GOTV, attend a rally, hearing, send an email or pick up the phone, please do what you can. Our Founders knew that our Republic can only endure if we have an educated and politically engaged citizenry.
Thank you again.
For more photos see here and please visit www.weareccnc.org and our Facebook page here.
Please join us this Wednesday 16th in Fletcher for a fundraiser for Lt Governor Dan Forest, and on Saturday, October 19th for a Rally for Mark Robinson at 11PM at the Historic Courthouse on Main Street in Hendersonville. We will find out how to assist with the campaign and get walking lists.


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