Second Letter to GOP House: Absentee Ballot Voter Fraud

Sent 7/23/2019


Dear NC House GOP Representatives:




This is a follow up to last week’s letter to you urging the NC House to fix the Floyd Amendment problem by amending Senate Bill 683 that would reinstate those elements of Personally Identifying Information (called “P-I-I”) on the absentee ballot.  Only citizens and NC residents should be turning in absentee ballots in 2020.  The Floyd Amendment that all GOP House members (with the exception of Michele Presnell (R-Haywood)) voted for last session, strips away that assurance.  The poor and misguided leadership of David Lewis (R) led that charge by finally caving to the Left by not requiring proof of a valid government ID on absentee ballots.  Fixing this amendment would help prevent non-citizen voters. 


You are engineering your own demise!  This is right out of George Soros Blue Print North Carolina.  " ... The Left) wants the same thing that Leftists always want; total control and power. Total control and power over legislation governing elections and total control and power over any administrative procedures developed to guide every aspect of voting, especially the determination of who can vote, when they can vote and which votes count. ..."  (Toxic Agenda:  Elections in Crisis Part I.  By Sue Myrick, June 24, 2018) 



 Right now the NC House has one last chance before this session ends to fix this disaster in the making. However, from our many calls to your offices last week, many of you continue to resist by refuting the validity of our claim that the  Legislature has made it easier for illegal aliens to commit voter fraud in 2020 by using absentee ballots.  If your claims are true, then why are illegal aliens called to jury duty from the voter rolls and then get disqualified by declaring their non-citizen status! The NC Senate even sent you, the House, a bill  that would require “the courts to share this information with election officials, who would then have to investigate the registrations.”  The measure (SB 250) will help election officials detect and remove non-citizen voters.   

So, where is SB 250? 

On June 25, 2019 (Raleigh) Senate Bill 250, called “Records of Excusals for Jury Duty,” that would require Clerks of Courts to share certain jury-disqualification and jury-excusal information with election officials, sits languishing in the House Rules Committee chaired by none other than David Lewis.   “… North Carolina’s State Board of Elections is already being sued for “hiding records detailing their reported efforts to identify and remove noncitizens registered to vote,” according to the plaintiff, the Public Interest Legal Foundation.  


The claim that NC House Republicans “don’t want illegals to vote” rings hollow.   Why are you making it easier for illegals to vote?   Fix the Floyd Amendment!  Why are you letting one state agency continue to hide records from election officials by sitting on SB 250?? 

We thank SB 250’s primary sponsors,  Senators Joyce Krawiec (R-Davie & Forsyth), Norman Sanderson (R-Carteret, Craven & Pamlico), and Jim Burgin (R-Lee).

Senator Joyce Krawiec needs to be highly commended for her leadership and Rep George Cleveland for relentlessly pushing this issue in 2013, in 2015 and in 2017.  Jay Delancy of Voter Integrity Project: “Until now, the Senate always caved to outside pressure and let it die, but this time, Senator Krawiec drove it all the way through the Senate.”


Then on July 19th. David Lewis pinned this Tweet to his account:


David R Lewis‏Verified account @RepDavidRLewis Jul 19

BREAKING: A bipartisan decision from a three judge panel of the Wake County Superior Court has ruled that Voter ID implementation can go forward. No preliminary injunction, and most of plaintiffs' claims were dismissed. Great news for NC Voters. #ncpol #ncga


So, what are you waiting for?  The Floyd Amendment needs to go.  Absentee voter ballots need to include proof of the voter having either a government ID or a Social Security Number before they can vote by mail. There are no more excuses! 

Please don’t be responsible for turning NC into CA!  Please reinstate the valid ID safeguards on the absentee ballot and we shout your praises from the Blue Ridge Mountains. North Carolinian voters in 2020 need to know their vote counts.  You will have to answer to them if this is not fixed. 

Thank you and we look forward to you doing the right thing.