Action Alerts! 2A, Election Integrity, Illegal Alien Invasion

GRNC 2A Alert: Important Pro-Liberty NC Legislation.
Then there's this ...
that would make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to purchase, own, carry, and use a firearm.
Tell Senators Burr and Tillis TO VOTE NO!
Senator Thom Tillis R-NC  @SenThomTillis (202) 224 6342
Senator Richard Burr R-NC  @SenatorBurr (202) 224 3154
Save our Democracy Act reforms in the legislation are narrowly tailored and apply only to federal elections.
It would enhance federal election integrity by addressing three key areas: (1) Voter Registration; (2) Casting of Ballots; (3) Tabulation of Ballots. It would:
  • Prohibit automatic voter registration for federal elections.
  • Requires voter citizenship verification to register to vote in federal elections.
  • Prohibit states from sending out unrequested absentee ballots for federal elections.
  • Prohibits use of public ballot collection boxes in federal elections.
  • Requires that absentee ballots be received by the close of election day for federal elections.
  • Requires voters to provide proof of I.D. for absentee voting and in-person voting in federal elections, creating equal treatment for all ballots.
  • Requires that ballot counting, once begun, continue until completed—no delays or pauses. See further details, who to call, and talking points.
On Saturday, March 13th, 2021, a group of us are having a meeting with NC Senator Chuck Edwards (District 48), and Representative Jake Johnson (House 113) regarding election integrity and cleaning up our election laws that are permitting voter fraud. Here is the letter, complete with informational links and what the legislature can do right now to fix the problem. Please feel free to use this information to contact your representatives. Thanks.
The one thing the legislature can do that does not require the governor or court permission or ruling and that is audit the vote. #NoMoreExcuses. We need confidence in free and fair elections!
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