Are You For Mail-In Ballots? Conservative Groups and Our President Are NOT!

If you are out of the District, or you are ill, or you are uncomfortable going to your polling place because of the pandemic, please request a mail-in ballot from your Board of Elections. These are all legitimate reasons. Only the voter can request a mail-in ballot. Otherwise, please go to your polling site to vote. Local Boards of Elections are all taking precautions to make sure it is a safe experience.

Vote early and bring friends.

 ATPAC does not encourage mail-in ballots. They are ripe for voter fraud. See here and Mail-In Ballot Failures and from President Trump about the dangers of mail-in ballots. Make sure your vote counts!  

Having just heard our president speak about potential voter fraud associated with mail-in ballots, I was taken aback when a family member received a political ad in the mail from the Cawthorn campaign. The mailing included two applications for absentee ballots which could be filled out, doubled over and mailed back to the Board of Elections free of charge courtesy of the Cawthorn campaign. This is a major departure from Trump’s emphatically stated position on mail-in ballots. Strongly supported by the Democrats, the GOP emphatically opposes the practice as well. What is going on here? This ad shows that Cawthorn clearly endorses mail-in ballots! I thought he was a disciple of President Trump’s. He has stated that many times in person, in media ads and in his literature yet this is a clear departure from Trump’s stated position. If elected, what other polices and/or positions of our president and the GOP would Mr. Cawthorn oppose when it suited him? Please do not take the chance of sending a “Trojan Horse” to Washington. Cawthorn has also stated his opposition to the Freedom Caucus. Lynda Bennett is supported by the Freedom Caucus, a Republican, conservative organization within the House of Representatives who has always had the peoples’ and Trump’s backs. In fact, Bennett has agreed to become a member immediately upon being elected to Congress. Therefore, I know where her loyalties and priorities would reside. I urge you to join with me and send Lynda Bennett, a true Conservative and Trump supporter to Washington.

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