Are you going to Congressman Mark Meadows Coffee Meet Up 9/1?


Are You Attending Rep. Meadows' 9/1 "Coffee" Event?

Dear North Carolina activist:

This is your chance to take action! One of the most powerful things any citizen can do for the cause of reducing overall immigration is to participate in a public forum featuring their Member of Congress and raise the issue of immigration.

Rep. Mark Meadows will hold a "Coffee with the Congressman" event on September 1st. This is a great opportunity to press him on the talking points suggested below. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Thursday, Sept. 1
9-10 am
Charlie's on the Creek
145 Hoopers Creek Road,Fletcher, NC

Talking Points

The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to the Homeland Security FY 17 spending bill that would exempt certain foreign workers from the annual cap of 66,000. Please work to have this provision removed from the FY17 spending vehicle. The measure could potentially quadruple the number of H-2B visas issued next year! The unemployment rate for American workers with a high school degree or less is double that of the national average. These are the very Americans who would compete with H-2B visa holders for jobs.

House Speaker Paul Ryan will schedule a September vote on criminal justice reform, which is opposed by most law enforcement groups. More than 25% of recent federal drug trafficking convictions and 77% of recent federal drug possession charges have been non-citizens, but the proposed legislation would release many of these criminals onto the streets when the Obama Administration has shown little interest in deporting illegal aliens. Please oppose any criminal justice legislation unless it specifically excludes criminal aliens from the reforms.

The president is resettling thousands of Syrian refugees even though FBI Director Comey said there's no database for checking their background. The number of illegal-alien minors illegally crossing the border has increased exponentially but the president is ignoring the law that requires their deportation. Obama is trying to resettle or shield from deportation as many foreign nationals as possible before his term ends, irrespective of the threat from ISIS or MS-13 gangs. This must be front and center in the fall campaigns so it is fixed next year.

The Obama Administration began the process of delivering the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal to Congress for a vote. TPP will allow service-providing companies from other countries to bring in foreign workers and directly compete with U.S. companies and employees that already provide those services. TPP also will give international tribunals authority over U.S. immigration policy. This is unacceptable. Pres. Obama will likely ask for a TPP vote during the lame duck session, so I ask you to ensure that Congress retains control over immigration policy in this trade deal and not cede its authority to international tribunals.

It's been more than a year since Kate Steinle was killed in San Francisco by an illegal alien who was released because of the city's sanctuary policies, and Congress has yet to take meaningful action in response. In July, Attorney General Lynch directed the Justice Department to withhold policing grants from jurisdictions that refuse to hold criminal aliens for transfer to ICE. It's a good first step but Congress must go further. Sanctuary Jurisdictions should be defined as any jurisdiction that fails to communicate and fully cooperate with federal immigration agents, even if that means holding an individual in custody longer than local law allows. Local law enforcement should be protected from liability should they act on behalf of ICE. Additionally, local law enforcement should be encouraged to check the immigration status of anyone they detain and should be encouraged to contact ICE when they detain an individual in the country illegally.

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