As promised … NC 11 Congressional Candidate Info

As promised, ATPAC will get pertinent information to you so you can make a wise decision for the NC 11 congressional candidate in the Primary run off on July 17th. I received this information from the iCaucus National Directors and the vetting team in NC. The iCaucus Oppositional Research Department and the Virtual Campaign Team will have to go to bat for Vance Patterson should he win. In the meantime, iCaucus is required to put out information on all candidates. Please recall: Both candidates were dead even in iCaucus votes. Hence, in the interest of fairness and unity, iCaucus and the Affiliate groups did not endorse either but encouraged voters to compare their information to make a wise choice.

There are seven sections that contain 50 questions on the Federal iCaucus CQQ (Candidate Qualifying Questionnaire). Each of the questions is actually a commitment to our principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual rights and free market capitalism. In three of those sections – The Role of Government/National Sovereignty, Personal Character and Federal Taxation – the candidate is asked to make a commitment to reject legislation that is not specifically enumerated in our Constitution. The only legitimate purpose of our national taxation policy is the original intent of raising necessary revenues to fund constitutionally enumerated government services. For example, legislation that furthers the tax burden on us that encourages crony capitalism by picking winners and losers like Cash for Clunkers and boon doggle green energy programs like Solyndra. These programs offer rebates to manipulate consumer markets, are funded on the backs of tax payers, and have brought us to a 16 trillion dollar national debt and bankruptcy.

Therefore, please go to the following website ad and please ask yourself: Is this a legitimate purpose of our national taxation policy that comes under raising revenues to fund constitutionally enumerated government services? (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8)

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