ATPAC 2020 Primary Ballot

The 2020 primary is upon us.  Early voting begins February 13th and runs until February 29th.  Primary election day is Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020. Please do not wait until the last day.  The weather may not cooperate or you may have an emergency.  

Please see Candidates Corner and here for more info about our  candidates and our process.  

Our endorsed candidates are as follows.  

2020 Primary Endorsed Candidates List

President: Donald Trump

US House of Representatitive NC 11:  Lynda Bennett

NC Governor:  Dan Forest

NC Lt Gov:  Mark Robinson

NC Attorney General:  Sam Hayes

NC Auditor:  Tim Hogemeyer

NC Commissioner of Insurance:  Mike Causey

NC Commissioner of Labor:  Pearl Burris Floyd

NC Secretary of State:  Michael LaPaglia

NC Superintendet:  Catherine Truitt

Henderson Commissioner:  David Hill


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