ATPAC Challenge to GOP: Will you hold your own accountable for reprehensible vote to repeal HB2?

Know the issue and know who places women and children at risk 

ATPAC Challenge to GOP
Will you hold those Republicans accountable for their unethical and immoral vote to repeal HB2 as we are?  Or, will you continue to remain silent and support these charlatans and RINOs who shame the GOP party platform?  Will the GOP stand up and call them out? Will you primary them as your would the Democrats? 

LT Gov Dan Forest Press Releast, Raleigh, 3/30/2017
"If HB2 was right to begin with, which I believe it was, then why are we repealing it? If it is wrong, then why wait four years to fix it? Such ambiguity undercuts the legitimacy of a law that we have fought so hard to defend. We are yielding the moral high ground and giving in to a new form of corporate extortion from an unaccountable, out of state, non-elected, tax-exempt organization (NCAA) and for what?... a ballgame? Why are we allowing them to dictate to us, laws that govern the protection of our people? We should have the backbone to tell them to take a hike."
NC Values Coalition Statement on Repeal of HB2 here 
Christian Action League Statement on Repeal of HB2 here
Triad Conservative:  HB2 Repeal a Classic GOP Move here.
CR:   Compromise or Extortion?  What You Need To Know About The NC Bathroom Bill Truce "...bigger winner here is leftist corporatism. This development wasn't driven by the voters of North Carolina (seeing as how Republicans held the house in November and the dubious nature of Cooper's gubernatorial victory). It was driven by liberal outside interests like the NCAA and private corporations that tried to extort the Tar Heel State into bending the knee to the trans-agenda. - 
See more here 
" ...  Conservatives who strongly defended HB2 were not pleased.
""Perhaps it would be appropriate if we would commemorate the passage of this bill by inviting the governor to come down to the building today and lowering those two flags [the U.S. and North Carolina flags outside the Legislative Building] and putting up in their place a flag of a certain intercollegiate athletic association and a white flag," said Republican Rep. Bert Jones. ..."
" ... Speaker Timmy and his crew were having a hard time securing votes within their own caucus to support a repeal deal.  So, they dispatched Jimmy to get ‘er done.  Read the rest here.
   How they voted:  Remember those who chose to put women and children at risk with their unethical and morally reprehensible vote to repeal HB2 

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