ATPAC statement regarding Lewis Clay dropping out of Buncombe commissioner race

Yesterday, Asheville Tea PAC learned that Lewis Clay would be dropping out of the race for Buncombe County Commissioner - District 3.  While Mr. Clay was not an Asheville Tea PAC endorsed candidate, he had begun the process for possible endorsement. We support Mr. Clay's decision to do what is right for him and his family.  However, to say that we are concerned about the events that led to his departure would be an understatement.  

It is apparent to many that the Asheville Citizen-Times led a deliberate and persistent attack on Mr. Clay that was meant to embarrass him and his family in a purposeful attempt to damage his campaign.  While Mr. Clay's Facebook likes are scrutinized, the current Board of County Commissioners operates with only the barest of journalistic oversight by the AC-T, despite spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money on projects with the flimsiest of justification, or none at all.  It is abundantly clear that the AC-T is not in the business of informing the public, but rather providing cover for business as usual, and when necessary, destroying the candidacies of people who threaten to impede the systemic corruption that goes on in Buncombe County. This past week,  the City of Asheville made the top ten list of the most unaffordable cities in the US.  Thank your City Council and the Board of Commissioners for killing affordable housing and for business growth by continuing to raise taxes and passing regulations!

 ATPAC remains undeterred in its mission to support candidates who can best advance the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government.

Submitted by Jane Bilello, ATPAC Chair and Robert Malt


AC-T's Jon Ostendorf continues to print misinformation and he did it again this week in Sunday's AC-T! It's bad enough when he gets it wrong the first time.  He has no excuse the second time.  Worse, he engages in character assassination by innuendo.  Asheville Citizen Times, one of the most left-wing Progressive papers in the US.  What can we expect!    See here for correct info sent:    ATPAC does not presently have "Tea Party" candidates in Buncombe Commish Race/ Christina Merrill, Buncombe commissioner candidate, willing to break her promise to ATPAC, what promise wouldn't she be wiling to break for political expediency? We urge you to 'recall' your donations.  See article.  or

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