ATPAC Supporting Lynda Bennett. Here’s Why

Primary 2020

The top conservative groups in the nation agree with ATPAC’s endorsement of Lynda Bennett for NC-11 Congress.  

Asheville Tea PAC  Statement Clarifying Our 12/19/19 Endorsement for Lynda Bennett NC-11 Congress

Asheville Tea PAC (ATPAC) is a state and Federal Political Action Committee registered for the past ten years with the NC State Board of Elections and the Federal Elections Commission.  We are a private organization and operate under a Board and our own constitution and by-laws.  ATPAC enables us to legally endorse and support those candidates who embrace the principles and values of the Asheville Tea Party, Inc. (501c4) who demonstrate in word and deed they embrace limited government, individual rights, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  We do not answer or compromise our mission, our values or principles to any media organization, the GOP, or any other organization or group.  We are an independent organization. While we back Republicans, we don’t support all of them because some do not measure up to our standards.   Our choice of a candidate for NC-11 springs from ATPAC’s unwavering support for Congressman Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus.   

 To clear up any confusion. ATPAC can and will continue to endorse candidates, like Lynda Bennett, the Freedom Caucus candidate, who demonstrates in word and deed that she defends our President Trump and the Agenda of the American People, who adheres to constitutional authority, who defends life from conception to death, who defends our unalienable right to bear arms, and the sovereignty of our nationThere was no other to consider for NC-11 Congress than Lynda Bennett from the minute she announced her candidacy for NC-11 Congress. Lynda Bennett has no equal

 Lynda Bennett has said she will join the Freedom Caucus from day one.  That fact is born out that Lynda Bennett has been endorsed by Congressman Mark Meadows and Congressman Jim Jordan (the most loyal and steadfast defenders of President Trump through this sham impeachment), The Senate Conservative FundThe House Freedom Fund, (House Freedom Caucus), The Right Women PAC, and the Freedom Caucus wives, Debbie Meadows and Polly Jordan. It doesn’t get any better than the top conservative groups in the nation agreeing with ATPAC’s assessment and endorsement of Lynda Bennett for NC-11 Congress.  END