BOOM! Congratulations Mumpower, Bill Lack and Lisa Baldwin – New BCGOP County Chair, Vice Chair and 2nd Vice Chair!



Many congratulations to all of us for these new BCGOP officers.  They are a game changer and a breath of fresh air of proven conservative leadership.  


This is a game changer for us.  ATP looks forward to working with these folks on common projects.  So glad we were able to help to make this happen.  Thank to all who attended the convention to vote for these folks.  



Congratulations to newly elected BCGOP officers:  
  • BCGOP Chair Dr. Carl Mumpower,
  • BCGOP Vice Chair Bill Lack
  • BCGOP 2nd Vice Chair Lisa Baldwin
  • Kathy Penland, Treasurer
  • Loretta Reynolds, Secretary
  • Andrew Brooks; Timothy Elkin; Jerry Green; Betty Hudson; and Jerry Rice as members-at-large. 

AC-T:  Mumpower Elected To Local GOP Chairman
Why it was crucial to elect conservatives to the BCGOP.
  • Our county GOP's image has been tarnished by unethical Republican leaders who handed out marked ballots during last year's primary, a violation of the (GOP) party rules (not ATPAC's) 
  • The local party must recruit quality candidates for EVERY open seat instead of leaving them unfilled; Buncombe Democrat for NC House had NO Republican opponent for the state legislature last year! Unopposed Democrat judges are legislating from the bench in Buncombe. Sponsoring a campaign school for candidates and volunteers is a must.
  • Vetting potential candidates is crucial - they must support conservative Republican principles. NO MORE RINOS! 
  • We must play offense and issue statements to the local media supporting fiscally and socially responsible decisions made by Republican elected officials.
Read more about BCGOP Chair candidate Dr Mumpower here.
Read more about BCGOP 2nd Vice Chair candidate, Lisa Baldwin here. 

Thank you again for supporting these good folks.  Supporting them supports our mission to find those principled men and women who adhere to constitutional principles and stand for WE THE PEOPLE.  





As constituents in Congressman Meadows' district,  Asheville Tea Party is requesting that you join us and others across the county to say THANK YOU to Congressman Meadows for his courage and integrity.
To add your name to the letter below:  
Reply to Jane at
Include in the email: 
  • 'Yes. Add my name to the Thank You to Mark Meadows.'
  • Your Name  __________
  • Your Congressional District _________
  • Name of Organization and Title (if applicable) _________________
  • Brief description of titles (if applicable) ______________________
(Example: Jane Bilello, NC11, Asheville Tea Party Chair, Wall of Honor Sentinel, FreedomWorks Activist)

The voters in NC11 and across this nation owe Congressman Mark Meadows a debt of gratitude for his unwavering stand on the full repeal of Obamacare, even in the face of threats from the President and GOP establishment arm twisting for the disastrous RyanCare.  GOP candidates ran on and were elected on full repeal of Obamacare, not a replacement with another government run program.  Rarely in D.C. do we see a man as Mark Meadows of such courage and integrity who will not compromise his core principles. 

Congressman Mark Meadows kept his campaign promise and intends to deliver.   

Congressman Meadows refuses to play politics with free market solutions to restore our health care system and to bring relief to suffering Americans. Meadows knows that RyanCare neither brings down costs nor eliminates mandates.  With RyanCare, 'subsidies' are renamed 'refundable tax credits' that amount to a 100 billion dollar bail out for insurance companies. There is still a massive penalty for not buying health insurance. 

NC11 and this nation are truly blessed to have such a courageous leader and principled man of his word.  That is why the following voters and groups are standing with Congressman Meadows to say Thank YOU!


Monday March 27, 2017:  FreedomWorks Rally To Support Mark Meadows in Waynesville, NC.  Be there!  See here for details.
Tea Time Thursday, 3/30. 6PM at IHOP, 229 Airport Rd., Arden.  Lots to update locally and nationally.  Having a good week! 

Please check back often to site for updates.  

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