BCGOP Fax Sent To Counsel

FAX May 1, 2019   704-786-6115


John Lewis, Esquire

NCGOP General Counsel

25 Cabarrus Avenue

Concord, NC

RE:  Buncombe County GOP out of

Compliance with NCGOP Plan of


Dear Mr. Lewis:


Your office will receive several documents by FAX which are relevant to this matter:


  1. an e-mail sent April 26, 2019 to the BCGOP Chairman and other Executive Committee Members, past BCGOP Chairmen, NCGOP Interim Chairman, and Katie the Raleigh Office.


  1. the invalid BCGOP Structure adopted April 22, 2019 without notice and

by ten members only. ( Please note in green ink the authority of the newly created “Executive Board”, and in red ink the role of a member-at-large over the website and all communications.)


  1. the valid BCGOP Plan of Organization in force since January 28, 2019 adopted with USP mailed prior notice and 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee, a quorum being present, and received in the Raleigh Office February 7, 2019 by Certified mail RRR.


By way of introduction, I have served the BCGOP as Parliamentarian in eleven (11) administrations and was Chairman of the BCGOP Structure Committee 2017-2019.


These are extraordinarily busy times for you and the Party; however, if at all possible we need some guidance from you as the NCGOP Plan requires our County Party to be in compliance at the next Executive Committee meeting May 20, 2019. Thank you very much for your help with this


Dorothea Alderfer