BCGOP Letter Warning of Possible Violation Prior to 4/22/19

From: Dorothea Alderfer <>
Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 8:12 AM
Subject: FW: Letter warning of possible violation prior to Mon. 4/22 BCGOP Exec. Comm. Meeting

Dear Chairman Green,

It is my understanding you are going to present a local BCGOP plan of organization “compromise” at the April 2 2   BCGOP meeting. Your expressed “compromise”, apparently to appease certain party members, is to revert back to the local plan of organization prior to the BCGOP’s January 28, 2019 approved amendments to our local party plan.
This is concerning, given it would be in violation of the NC GOP State Plan.
The BCGOP Plan, including amendments, “exists” as approved by Executive Committee. We are not in a position to ignore/discard them at will. ( Attached- NCGOP Plan of Organization p. 20, 2a)
To assist with some understanding of this issue, may I share a sequential summary?
The BCGOP Plan has been in place since 2005. In 2018, having heard a copy of our local plan was not located in Raleigh, the BCGOP  voted at the 2018 Convention to “adopt the plan”, again.  The plan was sent to the NC GOP, return receipt. At the same time, the “Structure Committee” was working on Party Plan amendments/modifications to make sure our local plan was consistent with the NC GOP state plan and to expand on opportunities for growth within the party. The committee followed the state plan directives and the BCGOP Plan process to amend by Executive Committee vote (Attached BCGOP Plan p. 6). At our January 28, 2019 BCGOP Executive Committee Meeting, 2/3 of the quorum approved the amendments, as required. (Attached- Executive Committee Meeting Minutes) A copy was sent to Raleigh- received, February 7, 2019.
At our March 2nd Convention, as is required, we voted to adopt the 2018 NC GOP State Plan. The local plan did not require “adoption” given the plan was amended by Executive Committee and on File February 7, 2019. The Plan “exists” per the NC GOP  Plan of Organization.
In the past 14 years, Our BCGOP plan has only been adopted at Convention on 2 occasions– Initially in 2005 and again in 2018 when we discovered no copy was on file at the NCGOP. On the other hand, Our BCGOP plan has been “modified/amended” 9 times via Executive Committee vote since 2006. Those modification dates are actually listed on the local plan (Attached-BCGOP Plan Of Organization p.7). Never have approved modifications/amendments been discarded.
I raise the question, how does one “compromise” on whether or not to follow our party rules?
Please remember, the present BCGOP leadership has the option of amending the local plan per the amendment process. Such would be an appropriate, legitimate path, if so desired, verses the option of violating our State Plan.
With a firm wish for the success of  the Buncombe County Republican Party, it is my hope you will give this agenda item additional attention.
Executive Committee Member