BCGOP Questions Answered

From: Angela Phillips <>
Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Questions answered
Executive Committee Members:
I know your inbox has been flooded with emails about this issue.  Many have responded and several have asked for clarification on what has occurred.
It is disheartening that after 14 years of having a Buncombe County Plan of Organiation in place, that 10 members could throw it away in less than 2 months.  The Buncombe Plan of Organization exists and is on file at the North Carolina GOP.  This was passed by the Executive Committee in January.  Fremont Brown and Jerry Green voted against it.  Jerry Green stated that he was voting against it because he did not receive his 10 day notice in the mail.  It was later returned to sender and had his correct address on the envelope.  I am not sure what went wrong with the delivery.
A party can only amend the plan by following procedures. Prior written notice – USPS with a copy of the proposed changes must be mailed to all Executive Committee members as outlined in the State and local plan.  The Buncombe County GOP leadership is in total non-compliance to disregard the previous working of the party and have 10 people declare to have installed a “new plan.”
Their “new plan” is completely different.  It strips the Chair of his voice/lead.  Perhaps the Chair likes the idea of doing nothing??  It strips the Executive Committee (Precinct Chairs, etc) of their vote on most issues. It gives the power on most decisions places the power to  an “Executive Board”….Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Members at Large.    These folks think they are an “oversight board”; however, the State Plan says otherwise. The county Republicans (Executive Committee) are suppose to be the ultimate vote. The Chair of the Party is the Voice of the Party. The Executive Board is to help carry out the Mission of the party verses control the Agenda and vote.
This is a total violation of our party rules; not to mention the fact, it puts our local party in jeopardy of never finding volunteers and future Chairs who would function “in name only”.
I thank our precinct chairs for their interest and support.  Good will overcome.
Angela Phillips
Precinct Chair 44.1

The following was sent to some new members from a long time member of the Party.

“I am sorry that you have gotten caught up in this mess but the action of certain people on the Executive Board to usurp the authority of the Executive Committee (different than the Executive Board) has thrown the County Party into a very dangerous situation.  The County  Plan of Organization adopted by the Executive Committee at the December Executive Committee meeting specifies that only the Executive Committee or the County Convention may amend the County Plan of Organization. The Executive Board has no authority to amend or modify the County Plan of Organization. Its only purpose and authority is to advise the County Chairman,  The action that the Executive Board took to modify the Plan of Organization at the recent secret meeting is an improper action and in violation  of that same Plan of Organization.The Executive Committee of which you are a member will not accept this improper action.  I advise you to insist that the Chairman notify the members of the Executive Board of their improper action and abandon this arrogant seizure of authority.   The failure to reverse this blatant seizure of authority will destroy the County GOP Party and all the good work and goodwill that we have devoted many years to achieve.

I’m sure that you have been advised otherwise but that advise is fatally flawed.

Please reconsider.