BCGOP Resignation of Parliamentarian

From: Dorothea Alderfer <>
Date: Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 8:02 AM
Subject: My dear Republican Friends

My dear Republican Friends:

The Buncombe County Republican Party is out of compliance with the NCGOP Plan of Organization.

In the evening of April 22, 2019, about 40 members  of the LEGALLY constituted BCGOP Executive Committee sat and watched as ten of their number rose, declared themselves to be the  ‘true BCGOP Executive Committee’, and voted one-by-one to adopt a new Buncombe County Structure previously unknown and unseen except by them.

This new document, in which these same ten declared themselves to be an Executive Board with authorities over the Party and its Executive Committee , appeared on the BCGOP website the following morning announcing its effective date April 22, 2019.


In 2005 George Keller, Chairman and Chuck Durand, Vice Chairman, drew up the BCGOP Structure expanding the Executive Committee to include elected Republican officials residing in the county, all precinct chairmen, 9 team directors, the Finance, Communications, and Membership Directors as well as five officers and 5 members at large.

In the ensuing years the BCGOP Structure has been amended six times at the BCGOP Convention and  four times with prior notice and 2/3 vote of the BCGOP Executive Committee.

The last such amendments occurred January 28,  2019, with 10 days prior notice and in accordance with all requirements detailed on page 9, of the NCGOP Plan of Organization:  ARTICLE III,  A.  County Executive Committee;  2. Powers and Duties.

This is THE VALID BCGOP Plan of Organization and is on file in State GOP Headquarters where it arrived February 7, 2019


As early as March 7, 2019, I advised that just ten members do not constitute the BCGOP Executive Committee; however, they persisted and secretly drew up a new “Structure” which appeared for the first time on the BCGOP website the next day after the April 22nd meeting.  (Please take time to read it.)

Having declared themselves an ‘Executive Board”, please notice in this new ‘Structure’ that they have assumed ten or more times their authority BEFORE the Executive Committee even meets.

It is reported that some of these ten people have met three times since the BCGOP Convention, and my offers to meet with them were dismissed with the excuse, ‘we are waiting for the State Convention to see their changes.’

I disavow any foreknowledge of, or participation in, the drafting of this INVALID ‘Buncombe GOP Structure’; and I further disagree with the power grab of the stated ‘Executive Board’

I herewith tender my resignation as Parliamentarian of the Buncombe County Republican Party with the sincere regret that I could not do more to help continue the Party on the right path.

Dorothea Scott Alderfer, BCGOP Parliamentarian

Chairman BCGOP Structure Committee 2017-`2019