Blame Tillis! Special Interest Reform Is NOT Reform. Commentary on Raleigh News & Observer Article. Patriots Beware NC Legislature Short Session

Special Interest Reform Is NOT Reform

Commentary on Raleigh News & Observer Article

Patriots Beware NC Legislature Short Session

 The Raleigh News and Observer article following mentions NCHB 786, which Governor McCrory vetoed because it left a wide gap for illegal immigrants to obtain seasonal jobs without having their immigration status checked by the E-Verify system. Republican House Speaker Tillis led the fight to override the Governor's veto. McCrory was serving the public interest and protecting American jobs, taxpayers, national security, and public safety with this veto. Who was Tillis serving? The original NCHB 786 was supposed to be a tough immigration control bill, until it was commandeered by agricultural and other special interest lobbies to pave the way for more cheap foreign labor at the expense of North Carolina workers and taxpayers. North Carolina already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

 One of the original NCHB 786 provisions was to give drivers permits to illegal immigrants!!! Tillis and other backers of this provision claimed it would improve public and highway safety. Common sense and several legitimate studies proved this to be nonsense. The drivers permit part of NCHB 786 was a "red carpet" for illegal immigration and was fortunately killed, but that does not exonerate those who backed such a special interest outrage against North Carolina workers, taxpayers, and public safety. As far as allowing illegal immigrants to take seasonal jobs, no one with much of a brain believes this is not a dangerous gap in national security and public safety. And why should we be making it easy for employers to hire illegal immigrants? Why should we allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to slip into the North Carolina's work force so agricultural special interests can prosper at the expense of North Carolina workers, taxpayers, and families?

 Republicans have a chance for a sweeping victory in November. But that victory will not be achieved unless Republican primary voters sternly rebuke Republican candidates who back special interest lobbies instead of the best interests of all North Carolina citizens. We had better be able to tell the difference between candidates loyal to large campaign contributions and candidates loyal to the rule of law and the larger interests of North Carolina.

Mike Scruggs

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