Brannon Campaign Donations Surpass Obamacare


“We're just getting started”

Raleigh, NC – Today, in yet another show of widespread grassroots support for his candidacy, Dr. Greg Brannon announced that his campaign's donation numbers had officially surpassed the reported Obamacare enrollment totals in North Carolina.

"The tremendous amount of support we've felt since the start of this campaign shows that North Carolinians feel strongly that a physician, who not only deals with the ramifications of Obamacare every day, but one who has actually read the Affordable Care Act and understands what's coming, is the best person to challenge Senator Hagan in November," said campaign spokesman, Reilly O'Neal.

The tea party leader’s campaign has energized conservatives who are excited to have a candidate in the race who they trust will defend North Carolinians from the big government status quo in both political parties and will to fight to eliminate Obamacare at every opportunity. 

"For years, Senator Hagan repeated President Obama's lie that if you liked your insurance plan you could keep it. North Carolinians are tired of being lied to. They're looking for servant citizens who will be accountable to the people and will stand up for the truth, even if they're standing alone," said Brannon.

Just last week, the Brannon for U.S. Senate campaign launched their 2014 Grassroots Victory Fund to kick start their grassroots mobilization program immediately after the New Year. They're encouraging everyone to visit to be a part it.

National tea party figures such as Senator Rand Paul and RedState's Erick Erickson have also thrown there support behind the pro-life Obstetrician’s candidacy.

Reilly O'Neal added, "I’m very proud of what grassroots supporters across this state have accomplished this year. They've laid the groundwork and they've put action behind their support. Team Brannon has big plans for 2014, we're just getting started."

Opportunities to speak with the candidate are available for members of the media upon request. Please contact Campaign Manager, Reilly O'Neal, at (919) 508-6087 or email with questions.




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Greg Brannon

It's no secret-- the Republican establishment is gunning for Greg. 

They know Greg is not "their guy," and believe me, they are doing everything they can to stop him. 

But you see Jane and John, you're more powerful than the DC establishment. 

It's true -- they may have a bottomless supply of Washington insider cash ready to pump into North Carolina -- with overpriced lobbyists and campaign consultants prepared to spend it. 

But I've witnessed firsthand the power of a Tea Party surge when they get behind a candidate. 

The same grassroots momentum that put Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul in the United States Senate can elect my husband to fight right alongside 'em. 

Will you please chip in $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help Greg's campaign? 

Today is the End of the Quarter deadline, and Greg needs your help RIGHT NOW. 

Greg's team has developed a full-scale, state of the art grassroots mobilization program to fund an aggressive, targeted voter outreach program. 

In fact, this same battle-tested program elected Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul to the United States Senate. 

But, the success of this program depends on how much money Greg can raise before tonight's midnight deadline. 

Jane and John, please make your most generous contribution to help Greg's campaign fund his grassroots mobilization program. 

A recent poll shows Greg is the strongest Republican candidate against incumbent liberal Kay Hagan. 

Democrats have caught wind that Greg is the ONLY candidate who can eliminate liberal Kay Hagan from office -- and they're panicking. 

They know if Kay Hagan loses re-election, Republicans are set to gain control of the Senate. 

The thought of another U.S. Senator fighting against ObamaCare and the overreaching power of the Federal Government terrifies them. 

In response, they've launched an all-out smear campaign against my husband. 

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee released a statement saying Greg will "pay a price" for promising to stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in their fight to DEFUND Obamacare. 

But Greg's not scared of their threats. My husband is not a man who backs down -- when they attack him, he doubles down and fights back twice as hard. 

I take comfort in knowing Greg is backed by thousands of supporters all across North Carolina like you who will fight with him to take our country back. 

Today is the most important fundraising deadline of Greg's campaign. Please chip in $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford.

Jane and John, with your help I know we can beat the Washington establishment. 

Thank you for standing with Greg. 

Warm Regards, 

Jody Brannon 

P.S. Today is the FINAL day of the reporting deadline, and your help is crucial to continue the grassroots momentum behind Greg. 

Please chip in $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford right away


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