Call The Right Way Alligators back at their D.C. Swamp who target Mark Meadows with robo calls that their Right Way is the Wrong Way. There is a special place in hell waiting for them!

 To those of you who have been receiving robo calls from The Right Way Initiative encouraging you to call Congressman Mark Meadows to convince him to betray his campaign promise to US to repeal Obamacare and with it, the Title 1 regulations ... 


The Right Way Initiative that formed in 2016, (falsely) claims to be a conservative organization.  They are now targeting Congressman Mark Meadows as an obstructionist - Meadows and the FreedomCaucus - dedicated to lowering premiums and advocating for free market solutions and pulling Obamacare out by the roots ... 


The @freedomcaucus and @RepMarkMeadows saved the Trump admin and the #GOP from a looming health care disaster chained around their necks   They saved you and I from skyrocketing premiums and mandates, a Cadillac tax on the most expensive plans, subsidies renamed rebates that amount to a $100 billion bailout for the insurance companies, and ... penalties for not buying the monstrosity.  No different that Obamacare!  


  Congressman Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus have given us a second chance to get it right.  The Right Way thinks we have forgotten the 50 times these phony liars repealed Obamacare when a Democrat was president.  


So what exactly is The Right Way Initiative who has put a target on Congressman Meadows??  Remember John Boehner, (OH-08) former RINO Speaker of the House and the initiative to Vacate The Chair by our very own Mark Meadows?


  This is the same Super PAC  group that collected  $703,489 in 2016 to fill Boehner's vacated seat. They then spent $690,676 of it on their anointed one - Tim Derickson - in a failed attempt to defeat then candidate Warren Davidson (R) who is now a member of the @FreedomCaucus, defender of your inalienable rights, military vet, and who stands as a sentinel against the debacle of #RyanCare - nothing more than Obamacare 2.0!   And, Congressman Warren Davidson now occupies the best office in D.C. - John Boehner's!  Alas, there is a merciful God!  


Congressman Meadows has not and will not abandon his campaign promise to US. Unless the mandates are repealed, NO DEAL.   (Freedom Caucus Chair:  Deal 'Close' On Obamacare Repeal


The Right Way Initiative seems to be taking a page out of the #TuesdayGroup of 'moderates' who ignore the conservative message that won the House.  Instead, they formed a group to water-down and obstruct the legislation promised in their campaign by completing Obama's transformation of America into a socialist state.  


     Call The Right Way Alligators back at their D.C. Swamp Office at 202 904 2488 and at their Boon number at 828 263 6471 and tell them their Right Way is the Wrong Way and that there is a special place in hell waiting for them.  

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