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2020 Primary Endorsed Candidates List

Please share with friends.  Early voting begins Feb 13th and continues to Feb 29th.  Primary voting day is March 3rd.  Please don't wait to vote.  Vote early.  Thank you.  



A List of Your Conservative Candidates

President:   Donald Trump

US House of Representatives NC-11:  Lynda Bennett

Governor:  Dan Forest

Lt Governor:  Mark Robinson

NC Attorney General:  Sam Hayes

NC Auditor:  Tim Hoegemeyer

NC Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Causey

NCCommissioner of Labor:  Pearl B. Floyd

NC Secretary of State:  Michael LaPaglia

NC Superintendent:  Catherine Truitt


Please see the drop down menu for info on either present candidates or an election past.  Thank you.  

PAC APPROVED LIST THUS FAR, MAY-JUNE 2019.  Check back often. 

The list will grow.  Please remember, we support Republicans, but not all of them. Case in point:  The #SwampRINOs.  We will support those candidates who have demonstrated through their voting records and their life's work, that they adhere to constitutional authority and they understand they work for We The People, and not the other way around.  

Please remember, the GOP lost the governorship, the super majority in the NC legislature, every judicial race in the last election, the 5 to 2 conservative majority on the NC Supreme Court is now 6 liberals and 1 conservative (Paul Newby Chief Justice is the only one left!).  We are on the brink of turning into another liberal state.  You must get involved.  Please support our efforts.  The CCNC is that organization to fill the void of failed leadership.  Ready to join the fight!  Please donate and  and get involved in our many projects.   

Also see CCNC Ballot for 2020 Primary 

Thus far ( 7/7/19), there are two of our candidates facing primaries in March 2020.    Mark Keith Robinson running for NC Lt. Governor and Jake Johnson running for NC House 113.  We must get them through March to face off in November.  The other candidates listed here are running in the General Election in November.  

We are working hand-in-glove with CCNC to assure victory.  Please support our efforts.  NC is turning blue.  We must stop the bleeding before it's too late.   


U.S.President:  Donald Trump



NC Governor:  Dan Forest

More about Dan.

Website here.

NC Lt Governor:  Mark Keith Robinson 


In case you missed it in Greensboro ... Mark defending 2A! 

Mark Keith Robinson at the Civil Rights Museum with Col Allen West and Young Republicans, July 6, 2019

ATPAC Endorsement of Lynda for Congress

She is THE best to carry the conservative agenda to  clean up the DC Swamp!  





NC Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Causey

Mike's a true hero.  We backed him each time he ran for Insurance Commissioner.  He did not disappoint.  He was responsible for exposing the corruption of the  NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes who tried to bribe Mike.    He deserves our accolades and support.  We need more like Mike in office to clean up the mess.  Thank you Mike!  See here for details of case.

NCGOP Chair Robin Hayes Indicted on Bribery Charges and Lying to the FBI! Mike Causey, Our NC Insurance Commissioner and Republican, Did The Right Thing.


NC State Treasurer:  Dale Falwell







NC Sec of State: 

Michael LaPaglia

Mike will clean up voter fraud and rid ourselves of the 332 illegal alien notaries that our current Dimm Sec of State illegally gave notary stamps to!! 


NC State Legislature

NC Senate 48:  Chuck Edwards






Mark Crawford NC Senate District 49

NC House 113: Henderson, Polk, Transylvania:  Jake Johnson







NC House 83: Cabarrus, Rowan:  Larry Pittman 







NC Supreme Court

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:  Justice Paul Newby