Citizens Academy, William L. Imhof, 5/1/2018

Citizens Academy

To the editor: I recently attended the 22nd annual Sheriff’s Citizens Academy. Over 13 weeks, representatives of each department explained what they do, the issues they face (both personal and professional), and their commitment to their job and to us, the people of Henderson County.

I developed a deep appreciation for the experience level of the men and women in the Sheriff’s Office, their emphasis on professionalism, the importance of continued training at all levels, and their strong focus on working as a team.

As the class topics progressed through the hiring and training process, patrol issues, the challenges of dealing with domestic abuse and sexual violence, drug enforcement and the opioid crisis, security in our schools and other issues, I was impressed by the deep, personal commitment that each deputy evidenced toward professionalism in all that they do.

Also evident was a senior-level commitment to providing the men and women of the force with the best possible technologies to support their efforts, such as the state-of-the-art communications/911 center and the virtual reality “mass casualty” simulator.

The overall excellence of our Sheriff’s Office is the result of years of strong, competent and consistent management. I sincerely hope it continues.

William L. Imhof, Hendersonville