Conservative Coalition Will Accomplisn The Mission


To accomplish the mission the CCNC will

Create a central hub for select groups participating by generating a unified message for all groups across the state.

Get the message out to the entire state, increasing the reach of these organizations.  There are strength in numbers, one huge conservative army across NC fighting similar statewide causes as a true coalition, while promoting the regional issues within each group. 

Brand content using individual group logos. 

Utilize an AP that will allow the distribution of unified custom content.  (Example:  Same graphic with a message but with individual PAC name.) 

Social media and digital ads.  Use funds generated by the CCNC to run targeted promotional ads to increase memberships in the individual groups. Ads would redirect people to the individual group's pages such as individual Facebook page, websites, etc. The CCNC will target regionally and run ads based on the most effective demographics in each area.  (Example:  Target audience of males/females 25-55 engaged in conservative content within a 100 miles of Asheville) 

Fundraise:   Use the mass texting, emailing systems to reach thousands of people with direct links to the individual groups own donation page, etc.   The CCNC asks nothing of the groups. We don’t touch their accounts.  CCNC doesn't raise money directly for the groups. What the PACs raise goes directly to them. The CCNC is not the middle man and does not share in any of the PACs fundraising. CCNC is just facilitating the marketing and by putting the PACs in front of the audience. 

Promotional ad money of the CCNC will be spent proportionately equal among the groups of the CCNC. The CCNC gets its funds from unrelated, independent digital campaigns and a couple of fundraisers throughout the year. In addition, CCNC funds are procured through private unrelated donors squired before the coalition became the 'coalition of PAC groups.' 

Fight Dems and RINOs:
Any ads run by CCNC for statewide candidates won’t necessarily be spent equally or  proportionally by region.  It is based on the need for state wide victories. If a conservative is polling badly in one region,  CCNC only funds would be spent more heavily there. Remember the goal is to elect conservatives. 

Education/news:  Have a central website which serves as a central statewide news organization featuring articles and content from all groups in the coalition (PACS). This will look something like the TN Star but with direct links to all sites of the individual coalition PACs and their bios.  Their information would include contact information, Facebook and Twitter pages, and donation page.  Constitutionally conservative news sources would be featured with timely issues.  (Examples: Daily Haymaker. Carolina Journal. Daily Signal, Conservative Review, etc.) The PACs also submit letters to the editor and/or issue articles to keep everyone in NC updated. (Example:  Renewing 287g in Henderson county:  Action plans, ICE info, LTEs, final resolution.  Folks across the state can grab and go to use it for their area.) 

When something is happening regionally that needs attention or a group is organizing against a local issue, we can alert everyone to whip up volunteers to aid our conservative friends from different areas by mobilizing quickly and efficiently. Each group should show up wearing their own branded attire, buttons, etc. 

When we have a statewide issue, protest, lobby or specific candidate election, we would have the ability to quickly turn out huge numbers each wearing the shirts, hats, buttons of their own group, but showing up with a unified message, fighting alongside one another for a common cause.

Tag line 

Different towns, different people, one conservative army...

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