David Lewis Response Letter to Absentee Ballot ID

From: Katie Kouba <katie.kouba@ncgop.org>
Date: July 25, 2019 at 13:15:16 EDT
To: Katie Sullivan <katie.kouba@ncgop.org>
Cc: Jonathan Sink <jonathan.sink@ncgop.org>
Subject: Message from Rep. David Lewis

County Chairs and Vice Chairs and Central Committee -

Below is a message from Representative David Lewis that was sent to the House Republican Caucus.  He has asked us to share with you for informational purposes. 





I write today regarding the so-called “Floyd Amendment”.  While many of you may have heard from your constituents and/or your local party, the “Floyd Amendment” has raised concerns far beyond its actual impact and most of what you’ve read is merely paranoia and not legitimate.


The amendment itself was a positive development as it required an individual applying for an absentee ballot to include a copy of a valid photo ID or an affidavit, just like voting in person. This uniform treatment of ballots is very important. Including another form of personal identification or number in addition to the ID and affidavit seems to be overly repetitive and unnecessary. It does not really make sense to REQUIRE a photo copy of a valid ID AND ask the voter to write the identical information from that ID onto the voting form. 


However, out of an abundance of caution, and in response to concerns our Members have raised, we are working on a PCS for SB683 which requires every ballot request to include the copy of the ID, or the last four digits of the SSN or their drivers’ license number if the voter uses an affidavit. This “belt and suspender” approach will fully address every issue being raised by some of your local parties and activists.


As for the rest of the bill, I am currently working through a compromise on the remainder of the absentee ballot language. I look forward to bringing a finalized version of the bill to Rules before the end of Session-hopefully within the next few weeks. This is a personal priority for me and our elections chairs, Rep. Hall and Rep. Grange.


Please reach out to me if anyone has any further questions on this matter.




Rep. David Lewis


Katie Kouba

Senior Political Director

North Carolina Republican Party