Democrats could pick up seats in the new redistricting maps

(It's not a done deal yet!)
Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly are advancing a new map for the 2020 U.S. House races that could cost their party seats in Congress.
The map (see left) passed the N.C. House Thursday afternoon and was sent to the Senate, which could pass the map into law or come up with a new proposal. (which the Senate did.  Read more.
Both chambers need to agree on a map or the process will continue until they come up with a final version.
Bottom Line: 1) This is what happens when we lose the courts. 2) Under our NC Constitution, the Governor is the Chief Executive of the Board of Elections. Pooper Scooper Cooper could impose the CA model for redistricting with nameless, faceless, un-elected bureaucrats to redistrict and delay our March primary which is not good for our candidates, especially Dan Forest. 3) There are no clear guidelines in our NC Constitution how redistricting should be done.
What to do? 1) Support our conservative judges! Make sure we get them elected in November. Phone call. Knock on doors. Offer financial assistance. Be at the polls. 2) Let's make sure Dan Forest is our next NC Governor.
3) LONG TERM: We need a constitutional amendment that clearly spells out how redistricting is to be done to secure the future of NC. We don't want to wind up at the mercy of progressive activist judges and a governor. This will take a bit of doing, but we will pursue.
For now, call the redistricting committees in the NC House and NC Senate members and the Joint Committee on Redistricting. Let them know you are watching them and the process. Remind them to use their full weight of their constitutional authority to come up with a redistricting map.