Dimm Wits Trying to Steal NC 9th Election from GOP Winner

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Subject: ICYMI: Charlotte Observer Ed Board Blasts Democrat-Led NCSBE

The North Carolina State Board of Elections concluded their statewide canvass on November 27 and certified the election results...

...except for one: the Ninth Congressional District race, where Congressman-Elect Dr. Mark Harris beat out Pelosi Democrat Dan McCready. The Board, led by Democrat Chairman Andy Penry, made this decision behind closed doors and with little explanation. This is just another example of the glaring lack of transparency coming from the Cooper administration, and The Charlotte Observer editorial board is having none of it:

"The state board of elections refused Tuesday to certify the results of the 9th District race, in which Republican Mark Harris defeated Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes. That certification was expected to be routine, but election board member Joshua Malcolm raised a last minute issue concerning the 9th and asked board members to remove the results from the list of those to be certified. Malcolm, a Robeson County Democrat, cited a statute that allowed the board to do so, but he declined to be specific about what caused him to raise his objection. That, in itself, is troubling.


Malcolm isn’t offering specifics, but there are plenty of questions he can answer without jeopardizing an investigation. Such as: Are the issues he raised widespread enough to change the 9th District results? Is he merely trying to get the attention of investigators he feels have been ignoring serious long-term problems? If that’s the case, mission accomplished. Now stop it. Holding a congressional election hostage is not the appropriate way to resolve longstanding issues, regardless of how serious they might be.


Malcolm and the board certainly might have legitimate concerns about fraud or other malfeasance in Bladen, and the investigation raises obvious questions about whether the Harris campaign knew anything about tainted absentee ballots. Malcolm, however, should address whether the issue directly changed the outcome in November’s 9th District race. If so, he owes the public more specifics, immediately. If not, this is not the best way to raise his concerns."

You can read the full editorial here. All this comes as a complaint was filed against Penry for partisan online behavior - commenting on Rep. Holding's physical appearance, multiple comments about the President, and speaking out against ballot referenda, among many tweets. The story is here but the full complaint, including screenshots of his tweets, is available here.

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