Dimm Witt Gets It Wrong Again. Republicans Call Out Caskey Over Tweet

Republicans call out Councilman Caskey over tweet.

 This Dimm Witt is running against NC Senator Chuck Edwards in District 48.   He's accusing the BCGOP of giving AR inflatables to kids at the fair.  https://www.blueridgenow.com/news/20190910/republicans-call-out-councilman-caskey-over-tweet?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GHM_Daily_Newsletter&utm_content=INKA_HTN&utm_term=091119
This was my comment.  I dare the paper to post it! 
Hey Caskey.  Not only did you get your facts wrong about who was giving away the inflatables - no surprise for a Dimm Witt - your facts about ARs are just as wrong.  They are not weapons of mass destruction.  The are rifles.  You wouldn't last 2 minutes in combat with them.  AR stands for Armalite Rifle.  A vote for a Dimm is a vote for socialism, sanctuary cities, infanticide, destruction of free speech and gun ownership,  illegals on the voter rolls, open borders, raising taxes, weakened economy, removal of the electoral college.  In other words, the destruction of our Republic.  Vote Chuck Edwards R for a continued strong NC economy, jobs, jobs, jobs, education, protecting taxpayer dollars, and above all, keeping our citizens safe and protecting our free speech and second amendment rights. 
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