Direct Link to Public Comment on NO SUNDAY EARLY VOTING!

 7/25/2018:  We just received this info!

Seems that there is a link for the public to submit comments for your county's early voting plans that will go directly to the NC State Board of Electors.  

Click Link:  Public Comment: 2018 One-stop Early Voting Plans.   

Fill out the form. You can use below for "COMMENT and ACTION' on NO SUNDAY EARLY VOTING.  (Copy/Paste or write one of your own.) 

COMMENT: As a U.S, citizen, lifelong tax payer, and voter in _______County, North Carolina, I insist the NC State Board of Elections disallow Sunday early voting in any of our 100 counties. NC already has the longest early voting period of any state in the nation, even without Sunday voting. Many states, especially so-called "blue" liberal states have NO early voting at all. In those states you vote by mail or on election day. That's it. Some of those states even require a documented "excuse" for mail-in votes. as the most time-generous early voting state in our country; can we please Sunday alone?


Sunday voting is not only an added burden to already burdened BOE workers and an added expense to our state, but is an affront to to the religious community. our longstanding traditions, and family time. Eighteen days of early voting is more than enough time to find time to vote.  Sunday voting is an unwanted government intrusion upon time that is better spent with my family and at peace at church pr relaxing with family and friends.  


ACTION: Please do the right thing and show respect for North Carolina and our American traditions and DISMISS any county's early voting plan that would include Sunday.

Thank you.