Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences: A letter from a thoughtful Christian on the Election.

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There are three categories of “never-Trumpers.” 

(1)    Christian never-Trumpers who refuse to vote for him based on his character
(2)    Establishment Republican never-Trumpers, like George H. W. Bush, who think that Trump is ruining the Republican Party.
(3)    Never say die Cruz supporters who are already campaigning for Cruz for President in 2020.
In this article I am writing only about group number one.
Christians supporting Trump are making a HUGE mistake in their dialogue with Christian never-Trumpers. Here is how the conversation goes:
CN (Christian Never-Trumper): I cannot vote for Trump because of his terrible character.
CP (Christian Pro-Trumper): But consider what will happen to the Supreme Court
CN: I cannot vote for Trump because of his terrible character.
CP: But consider abortion
CN: I cannot vote for Trump because of his terrible character.
CP: But consider religious liberty.
And on it goes.  We are not listening.  The CN is talking character.  We are responding with issues.
1.      It is undeniable that Donald Trump has significant character flaws.
2.      In the Bible God uses people with terrible character flaws to accomplish his will.  Saul was a serial killer of Christians – God used him.  Judas was corrupt – God used him.  Rahab was a prostitute but God used her.  Donald Trump has been married three times.  The Samaritan Woman was married five times, but Jesus found her useful in his ministry.  David was an adulterer and he gave an order to have a man killed, but he was also a man after God’s heart.
3.      Sometimes God uses bad people in history to accomplish what he wants.  John Newton was a slave trader used by God to write the great hymn Amazing Grace.  Joseph Stalin was a horrible man but he was used to help defeat Hitler.
4.      The real truth, however, that must be faced, is the character of Hillary Clinton.
a.      She lies with incredible ease.  Long after she knew that the attack at Bengazi was a terrorist attack she continued telling people that the attack was the result of a video on the internet.  Recently she found out that she had pneumonia on a Friday.  Pneumonia is really not that big of a deal.  But she had her staff continue to tell the public that her problem was allergies and dehydration.  Clinton has regularly asserted that all four of her grandparents were immigrants.  Politfact determined that only one was.  Clinton claimed that while she was Secretary of State, her email server was setup in accordance with the rules and regulations in place.  A federal judge determined that this was false.  A compilation of her lies would go on for pages.  The thing that speaks to her character is how easily she lies.
b.      Clinton regularly forces her staff to lie on her behalf, thus corrupting the people around her.
c.      On August 22nd the Washington Post ran an article with the headline, “Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept.”  People who gave big money to the Clinton Foundation were able to get meetings with Clinton.  The United States State Department was for sale.  Of course the Clintons do not get salaries from the Foundation.  But they do get incredibly lavish speaking fees.  From 2007 to 2014, the Clintons made $141,000,000.
d.      The Obama administration signed a Memorandum of Understanding that their administration would disclose all foreign donations.  The Russian uranium company donated $2.35 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, but the foundation did not report it. In return, Mrs. Clinton signed off that the Russian uranium company could buy American uranium.  This is confirmed by the New York Times.
e.      After Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake, Secretary of State Clinton had the responsibility of doling out billions of dollars in US aid.  As she did this Haiti issued the first two gold mining permits they had given in fifty years.  One of them went to a company which had Hillary Clinton’s brother on its board.  Confirmed by the Washington Post.  Haitians today campaign against her because she diverted money intended to lessen their impoverishment.
f.       Many of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt financial dealings are documented in the film Clinton Cash which can be seen on YouTube.  The information is startling but it has been well researched. 
g.      Sadly, much of the money the Clinton’s have misdirected should have gone to the poor of the world.  Such coldness is beyond understanding.
At this point many Christians are saying, “They are both terrible so I will vote for neither.”  But Scripture does not encourage that sort of idealism.  It tells us to live in the world without getting worldly.  Jesus did not consider it worldly to interact with sinners – only the Pharisees did.  If there is one thing our theology teaches us, it is this: we have to vote for sinners.  All candidates have flaws. All we are called to do is to discern the candidate who can do the most good.
Either Trump or Clinton is going to be President.  If you do not vote for Trump, you are helping Clinton get the job.  When Congress passes a twenty week limit on abortion, Clinton will veto it and Trump will sign it.  We need to vote for Trump.
My comment: Christians have a responsibility to God and their fellow citizens, including their own family, "neighbors," and communities. Elections have consequences that often have longer range serious effects on culture as well as government.  Character is about weighing consequences. LMS