Emergency Call to Action. Left Lobbies Your County For Sunday Early Voting. STOP THEM. CALL STATE BOE!

Dear Friends and Patriots,
The Left is trying to undermine our elections all over NC which includes your county.  The Lefties showed up at Board of Elections meetings all over the state on Tuesday, 7/17 to lobby for Sunday Early Voting. 
Sunday voting means mass busing from churches, picking up homeless, the disenfranchised, and illegals.  Without voter ID, all an 'illegal voter' has to do is easily find and 'take' the name of a person who has not voted for a few years, show up at a poll, and vote!  This is right out of Saul Alisky's Rules for Radicals and the George Soros playbook.  (And, by the way, Voter ID amendment is on the November ballot!  We've much at stake including the re-election of Rep Mark Meadows, our Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson, our current Republican representatives, and our conservative candidates.) 
This Alinsky tactic is not new.  It's now come to NC.  
If your county did not vote unanimously for their early voting plan, the plan is decided by the NC State Board of Elections.  Your county has no say.  
Please read the info on the links and please take action.  Until Raleigh gets off their duffs and changes the law - like they should have - we won't get another shot at stopping this looming election disaster. That serious!  

              Emergency Call to Action  

                     Left Lobbies Your County For Sunday Early Voting. STOP THEM. CALL NC STATE BOE!

Call to Action for Buncombe County, see here.

Call to Action for Henderson County, see here.

All other NC counties, see here.
​Call, call, and call again!  
All that evil needs to take hold, is for good men (and women) to do nothing!  
Be part of the solution and not part of the problem!  
Thank YOU!


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