Fake News Audio Hoax of Lynda Bennett – Exposed!

December 20, 2019

 It has come to our attention through blog posts, texts, and emails that there is a Fake News audio tape being shared on social media to slander one of our candidates, Lynda Bennett.    What makes it worse, is that it was created not by the Left (whom we would expect such slanderous behavior), but by a group that call themselves Republicans.  Fortunately for us, their hoax is exposed for what it is.  Ken Henson, Haywood County GOP chair who was there when this audio was made, has shared the ugly experience first-hand. 

PLEASE share this post everywhere on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and with anyone who questions Lynda Bennett’s loyalty and enthusiastic support for our great President Trump.  Maybe those who perpetrated this hoax should come out and apologize.  It would be the Right thing to do!

 Fake Audio of Lynda Bennett

It’s a big fat lie.  I was there and I know.

The fake audio of Lynda Bennett was a hoax manipulated by people who were seeking revenge.  The rest of the story is even more interesting.

Lynda Bennett is a huge supporter of Trump. Lynda Bennett was scolding a group of angry guys for their behavior. 

This group did not want US Senator Richard Burr, NC Senator Jim Davis or Commissioner Ensley on the palm cards being distributed by the Haywood County Republican Party. Lynda was asking people to get behind the candidates that had been elected during the primary because it was the right thing to do.

The Hoax started with a recording at GOP headquarters of a get-out-the-vote materials organizational meeting.  When we realized they were recording, we asked them to stop.  They did not. 

Lynda was expressing her view that it was not right for ‘Never Trumpers’ in the rest of the Republican Party to refuse to get behind the Presidential nominee selected by the voters. She made it clear that it was not right. This group was behaving like ‘Never Trumpers’ by trying to deny Burr, Davis, and Ensley the place they earned in the primary and denying the voters their choice.

The ‘Fake’ recording hoax changed the meaning of the words. Lynda is a big supporter of President Trump. This group knew that. She waved signs for Candidate Trump many times over the election cycle. She worked at the polls. This group was intent on hurting her and Candidate Trump by making it appear she did not support him.


It is not hard to cut and splice an audio which is exactly what they did to make it say something totally different than what the speaker actually said.


I was there and I know what happened.


People volunteering at the headquarters to organize to get voters out heard what was said and understood her. These guys changed the audio to misrepresent the truth. She has proven her loyalty to Trump.  One of the guys posted the hoax hundreds of times on the Internet. They did not care about the truth.  They had an agenda and did not care who they hurt.


These people were opposed to Jim Davis and now their lies are turning against them. By hurting Lynda Bennett – they actually help the very person they hate.


Richard Burr’s office called these guys down for striking his name and others from the palm card. Eventually, they had their keys to the Haywood County GOP headquarters taken away to prevent them from doing more damage.


Eventually, some in this group were censured by the NCGOP to prevent them from attending any more Republican meetings. These are the people spreading bold-faced lies.


Those of us that know these guys, know how bad they are. Lynda Bennett did nothing wrong. She supported our Republican candidates against their attacks and she was paid back with lies and a hoax.


Lynda Bennett supports President Trump in her words and deeds.


Ken Henson,

Chair of the Haywood County Republican Party

828 506 0205