Get Ready For GOP Amnesty Showdown

Jun. 4th, 2018
House Republicans to meet Thursday morning to discuss upcoming immigration votes -- Tell Rep. Meadows to support the Goodlatte bill! 

Dear North Carolina activist,

Will House Republicans allow a vote on a no-strings amnesty or will they instead vote on the Goodlatte bill that would reduce legal immigration by ending chain migration and the visa lottery and strengthen enforcement by requiring employers to use E-Verify?

We may know the answer to that question by the end of this pivotal week.
Call Rep. Mark Meadows today and urge him to support passage of the Goodlatte bill that would end chain migration and require employers to use E-Verify.
Rep. Meadows -- (888) 995-8331
As Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Meadows is working with House Leadership and other Republicans on a plan to avoid a dangerous discharge petition started by pro-amnesty Republicans to force votes on several no-strings amnesty proposals. The discharge petition needs just five more signatures to force the amnesty votes, and petition organizers say that they have the signatures.

Rep. Meadows is already a supporter of the Goodlatte bill, H.R. 4760. He, along with other Freedom Caucus members, sank a farm bill last month that's been coveted by Speaker Paul Ryan because he has yet to make good on his promise to bring the Goodlatte bill to the floor for a vote. House Leadership has tentatively scheduled a vote on the Goodlatte bill during the third week of June, but Republicans could agree on a different proposal during their meeting on Thursday.

That's why we need your urgent phone calls this week to Rep. Meadows!
Rep. Meadows -- (888) 995-8331
Call Rep Patrick McHenry too.  He's part of the DC Swamp.  He needs to hear from you on this.  202 225 2576.  
Not in NC10 or NC 11?  Find your rep here and make the call.  
When you reach his office, you can use the following talking points:
I support the Goodlatte bill because I agree with the majority of American voters who support reducing legal immigration through ending chain migration and the visa lottery. The Goodlatte bill would also strengthen enforcement by requiring all employers to use E-Verify.

I urge Rep. Meadows to push for a vote on only the Goodlatte bill during Thursday's meeting with House Republicans.
Thank you for your activism,
  Numbers USA

THIS ISSUE: Here are key dates and issues in June Republican amnesty showdown.  Take Action Here.

FRI, JUN 1th

It's the start of a new month; a month that could see the House vote on immigration legislation that either ends the decades-long trend of uncontrolled immigration or continues the status quo while granting millions of illegal aliens lifetime work permits.

While most Members of Congress have been back in their districts for the Memorial week recess, GOP Leaders in the House have been working on a way to deal with two revolts in their conference -- one by nearly 100 House Republicans who are pushing for a vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte's H.R. 4760, and another by a few dozen Republicans who are pushing for a full-fledged, no-strings amnesty.


Ongoing -- House Leaders negotiate DACA deal with key Republicans, including Reps. Mark Meadows of North Carolina (House Freedom Caucus), Rodney Davis of Illinois (Main Street Republicans), and John Katko of New York (Main Street Republicans)

Tues., June 5 -- Congress returns from Memorial week recess

Thurs., June 7 -- House Republicans meet to hear GOP leadership's DACA amnesty proposal

Week of June 17 -- Likely votes on immigration legislation

Mon, June 25 -- Earliest possible vote on discharge petition that would force a series of amnesty votes (if not negated by votes in the previous week)


The House could vote on strong legislation -- the Goodlatte bill -- that ends chain migration and the visa lottery, requires all employers to use E-Verify, and provides much needed reforms that would strengthen enforcement.

But as many of you read in Jim's letter yesterday, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was on Fox News earlier this week and made no mention of chain migration, the visa lottery, or E-Verify.

The petition signers are pushing for a vote on amnesty with minimal (if any) enforcement.

The Trump Administration has sent mixed signals. Just last week, Pres. Trump said "it's time to get the whole package", meaning at least an end to chain migration and additional border security. But we've also seen the Trump Administration agree in the past to a DACA amnesty in exchange for only border wall funding.


Beginning on Monday, we'll need to apply lots of pressure on Congress in advance of the GOP meeting on Thursday. Both House Leaders and key negotiators need to hear from their constituents that the majority of Americans want a reduction in overall immigration through an end to chain migration and an end to illegal hiring by requiring all employers to use E-Verify. Please be on the lookout for action alerts with instructions each day next week.

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