HB2 Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame  

3/30/2017: North Carolina Legislators who voted to put your privacy, safety and our state sovereignty at risk by ceding power to the judiciary and bowing to the extortion of the NCAA by repealing HB2. 

Conservative Groups Who Stand With Lt Gov Dan Forest. The Backroom Deals

What's Waiting For Your Wife and Daughter

HB2 Repeal Fall Out - Already! 

" ... State Republican legislators have introduced a bill calling for the IRS to investigate the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference for suspected violations of their tax-exempt status stemming from their advocacy against House Bill 2 in North Carolina.

People are just fed up with this giant monopoly that makes a ton of money stepping way out of bounds and playing politics,” said state Rep. Mark Brody, a Republican”  and a NO VOTE ON REPEAL.  Thank you Representative Brody.  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SENATOR OR REP WHO VOTED YES TO REPEAL HB2 TO HIDE BEHIND THIS LEGISLATION.  They are already trying to here and here.  The attempt at both sides here.  

Know THE WALL OF SHAME  and primary them ... or we deserve what we get!  

HB2  Wall of Shame Senators                HB2 Wall of Shame Representatives