Henderson Emergency Call To Action: No Sunday Early Voting. Call State BOE

Do you want to make sure that our GOP elected officials, like Rep Mark Meadows get re-elected in November??  
The Left is trying to undermine our elections all over NC which includes right here in Henderson county.  The Lefties showed up at Board of Elections meetings all over the state on Tuesday, 7/17 to lobby for Sunday voting, and yes -  including right here
Sunday voting means mass busing from churches, picking up homeless, the disenfranchised, and illegals.  Without voter ID, all an 'illegal voter' has to do is easily find and 'take' the name of a person who has not voted for a few years, show up at a poll, and vote!  This is right out of Saul Alisky's Rules for Radicals and the George Soros playbook.  (And, by the way, Voter ID amendment is on the November ballot!  We've much at stake including the re-election of our Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson and our current Republican representatives.)
BOE Director Beverly Cunningham submitted an early voting plan without Sunday voting.  Our Henderson County Board of Elections by a vote of 3-1, could not unanimously come to a decision about Henderson County's early voting plan because the Democrat - backed by the Lefty lobbyists - wanted Sunday voting included.    The current law says that if a county Board of Elections cannot unanimously decide on their early voting plan, the State Board of Elections must now decide.  *
(How this became law or changed under a GOP House and Senate is beyond me!  But, that's an issue for another day with our Raleigh reps!)  
 Right now, WE need to lobby the State Board of Elections to DENY EARLY SUNDAY VOTING IN HENDERSON COUNTY.  
PLEASE CALL 919 814 0700 -  NC State Board of Election Members - with this message:
I am a U.S, citizen and voter in Henderson County, North Carolina.  I am calling the NC State Board of Elections members
Andy Penry, Chair (D) Andy.Penry.board@ncsbe.govJoshua Malcolm, Vice Chair (D)  Joshua.Malcolm.Board@ncsbe.govKen Raymond, Secretary (R)  Ken.Raymond.Board@ncsbe.gov
Stella Anderson, Member (D)  Stella.Anderson.Board@ncsbe.gov
Stacy 'Four' Eggers, Member (R)  Stacy.Eggers.Board@ncsbe.gov
John 'Jay' R. Hemphill, Member (R)  John.Hemphill.board@ncsbe.gov
Valerie Johnson, Member (D)  Valerie.Johnson.Board@ncsbe.gov
John M. Lewis, Member (R)  John.Lewis.Board@ncsbe.gov
Damon Circosta, Member (UNA)   Damon.Circosta.board@ncsbe.gov
to demand that they approve Henderson County BOE Director Beverly Cunningham's early voting plan without  Sunday early voting.  Sunday voting is not only an added burden to BOE workers and an added expense to our county, but an affront to our Sabbath, traditions, and family time. Eighteen days of early voting is more than enough time to find time to vote.  Sunday voting is an unwanted government intrusion upon my time that is better spent with my family and at peace at church.  
Thank you.  (They may want your address so give it to them.)  
* Numbered Memo 2018-06: 
  • State Board consideration of non-unanimous plans. The current plan is for the State Board to hold its meeting to consider non-unanimous one-stop plans at the conference.  This information is being provided for planning purposes only, and the meeting has not yet been formally noticed.