Heritage Foundation Innovative Strategy Meeting, Colorado Springs, CO Nov 2019

Asheville Tea Party's Ambitious Goals for 2020 include this phenomenal opportunity we were given by Heritage Action for America.  This is an email sent to leaders across NC that we will share with everyone to make sure they come to fruition.  


11/20/2019  9:44AM Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Hi Folks,

I have just spent the most incredible three days with some very incredible folks from across this nation with the Heritage Foundation at the Strategy Meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Christmas has arrived early!  I am going to get spoiled rotten.  There were only 30 of us.   (See bios here.) I’ve made crucial connections that will allow us to move the conservative agenda forward and fighting the culture war to win in NC.  This is what’s coming.  


Mark Gonzales, President and Founder for Hispanic Action Network, and Rev. Jose R. Cossio (structural engineer by trade) and Director of Hispanic Outreach, Prince William-Manassas Family AllIance.  have made significant and successful in-roads with pastors in various states whose ministries now include political activism.  They have a strategy and a plan.  Both have agreed to come to NC to help us.  They are familiar with the Black Robe Regiment and Rev Dan Fisher whom we brought to NC two years ago.


(Jose is a Heritage Action Sentinel.  He actively reaches out to fellow Hispanic pastors and leaders.  He arms these community members with information and education about the seminal leadership and influence of the American Clergy in the War for Independence, the Founding of America, and the development of political ideology embodied in the Founding charters.)  A perfect fit, ya think? 


I will discuss with you the plan when next we meet.  I will get with CCNC to identify the bluest of blue in NC.  It’s there we begin.  I have Asheville on the top on the list.


Bill of Rights Institute President David Bobb, PhD. www.billofrightsinstitute.org  has taught History and Political Science at Boston College and Hillsdale College.    He is the founding director of a national civic and education program for high school teachers at Hillsdale College as well as the Allen P. Kirby Jr. Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Studies.  He has previously dealt with our NC Superintendent of Public Instruction (before Mark Johnson).  It was a very unpleasant experience.  The legislation he drafted fell flat because of the poor leadership of the Supt of Ed.  So, the approach will be two fold.   


  • Dave is going to share his videos/lesson plans/ teacher/student materials with me to take to the public schools. We’ve already made in-roads in some of our HCPS. (Remember:  This past Sept 17th we went and met with the history class at West Henderson High. The teacher there said the others in his department were interested in our materials and visits.  He also wanted us to return.)  I will also try to connect again with AVL High since ATP went there a few years ago with a group to meet with the Denmark students and the civics classes.   We brought them Heritage Foundation materials.  I’m thinking that if we put this out to the CCNC subscribers on the website, blog post, newsletter, we may get a lot of takers who would be willing to take this material to their local schools and give it to teachers.  Our Young Republicans can also be instrumental in spreading this around. We’ve got two great excuses:  Bill of Rights Day 12/15 and Constitution day 9/17. We could probably come up with a few others. 


2) The other arm of this is legislation.  He and several other folks I met are familiar with Kids Vote hideous progressive indoctrination program.  This law must be repealed. It should be replaced with the Bill of Rights Institute materials.  Dave is all in.  This will mean contacting our conservative legislators to draft legislation.  (Of course, we must wait on this piece until after the election.)  However (1) can be implemented quickly.   Bill of Rights Day is coming up December 15th.  Perfect excuse for us to get back in there.  Up for a field trip to the HS?? 


Kim Cromer from Illinois is  Executive Director of National Christian Forensics and Communications Association www.NCFCA.org.  It is  a program of formal debate with the ultimate goal of training young people to be able to think critically and communicate effectively.  There are debate clubs all over the US.  These high school students take a year to research a relevant, timely topic and then take it on the road to debate other Christian schools.  Their perspective is grounded in our Judeo-Christian values and our Founding principles.  She and the kids are going to be in Black Mountain in February at a Christian private school. FIELD TRIP!  We will support this.  I’ll let you know the dates.   I’d like to get this group in the public schools.    So, that will take a bit of creative planning.  Strategy meeting conference calls with Kim may be the way to begin. Taking advantage of the contacts and visits to the public schools maybe a viable way.   And, maybe with some of the churches!  A way to get the pastors also engaged!? (By the way, Kim was a homeschool Mom before taking on this monumental task.) Wouldn’t it be great to get a public school debate team together with them on a ‘timely’ topic! 


Moms for America: Kimberly Fletcher, Air Force wife and mother of 8, is founder and head of Moms for America out of Oklahoma. She’s an author columnist and contributing editor of Townhall.   She is coming to NC in February.  She asked me to make the connections for her with the home school community.  The kids are engaged politically.  They are visiting DC to lobby and then taking the show on the road to state legislatures.  Let’s get researching on those home school communities and locations in NC.   Those organizations should know she is coming so they too can follow her model. I believe they are going to our NC Legislature.  That would be a great time to meet her and the kids.


Angela Sailor, Vice President, Edwin J. Feulner Institute, Heritage Foundation, is going to contact me for names of folks in our area to attend a multiple day workshop/class on Citizen Training in DC with Heritage.  This will be a deep dive into policy based on our Founding documents.  Pick local/state/fed representatives to participate. The goal is to have them know how to judge legislation and what is good governance based on constitutional principles. (What a concept!)   Thinking caps.  Think about who would be a good candidate to send to this.   I believe it’s a summer event.  Angela will contact me with more info and details. 


Although our focus (as is mine right now), is on our primary and the redistricting mess that the Left seems to be winning, we need to keep our eyes on the big picture.  Regardless of what happens, (and it’s shaping up to be a very hard won fight to get our conservative candidates elected vs the RINO establishment),  we must press forward to take back our nation and to bring to fruition the principles of American Exceptionalism.   


It was a fantastic three days even with me having ‘Elevation Sickness.’  Yes.  You heard that right!  Had no idea there was such a thing.  It’s been horrid.  Headaches, dehydration, nausea.  I’m sitting here in the lobby of this gorgeous Cheyenne Mountain Resort Hotel at 6,000 feet looking at these spectacular mountains – NORAD  and Pike’s Peak at 14,000 feet!  I’ve lived on bottles of water, Nexium, Advil, crackers and hardly any sleep! The dry, thin air dehydrates your nose, mouth, and head.  Five hours of sleep is about all I could get without waking up feeling like a shriveled-up leaf.   I’m going to be very happy to be on NC ground again.   


I included you on this email because I do believe you will have much to add to the above projects.  I will touch upon these at our Christmas Party on Dec 5th at Pomodoro’s at 6PM (and in the coming months at our meetings and in newsletters).  Hope you can make our Patriotic Party.  We’ve a long, hard road ahead of us.  We must get involved. I just hope we are not too late to the dance.


Hugs,  Jane