Buncombe Sheriff Race: How Gun Control Leads To Murder

Submitted by Bernard Carman
Dear Buncombe Sheriff Candidates,
I was largely put off by the Buncombe County Sheriff Candidate Forum presented by “Democracy NC”, apparently comprised of “racially” charged groups.
I was perhaps most disappointed with all but one of the answers to the question of whether or not the new Sheriff administration would make a point to hire more minorities.  Only Tracey Debruhl answered correctly and without racial bias — that individuals should be hired based upon their skills and abilities ratter than their gender, ethnicity, or skin color.
I waited over an hour and one half for the public question segment, but because the sponsors spent so much time focusing upon so called “racism” with their questions, and because I’m “white”, I was unable to ask my following question which every American should ask of ALL public servants and those running for office (especially for that of Sheriff):

My paramount concern for selecting our next Sheriff has to do with honesty & integrity, and is therefore two part:

1. Who among you understands that a so called “assault rifle” does not mean “semi-automatic firearm”?

2. Who among you recognizes that should a corrupt Congress manage to unjustly eliminate the 2nd Amendment, that obeying any kind of firearm confiscation would still be a violation of your oath of office to protect our Creator-given Natural Right of Self-Defense?

I wasn’t going to include Mr. Fisher on this due to his widely published anti-American and anti-Natural Rights remarks in which he actually joked about murdering peaceful Americans who would resist such a tyrannical action, defending that which he would apparently dishonestly pledge to uphold.

Based upon recent comments from the mayor and council, they would do likewise if they had the opportunity.  This ought to be grounds for immediate removal from office for violating their Oath, but apparently in this presently corrupted government system we find ourselves, there is no penalty for blatantly violating one’s Oath.
However, in the spirit of education I decided to include Fisher and others in this category, along with Buncombe commissioners.  My hope and prayer is that more individuals, even those who seem entirely lost, will come to understand the truths I’m sharing in this letter.
Regardless of personal opinion, the primary truth of this matter is that every public servant takes an Oath of Office to defend the US Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  The very purpose of the US Constitution is to not only limit the power of the STATE, but also to mandate the STATE protect our Natural Rights which are unalienable and bestowed upon each individual, NOT by the STATE, but by our Creator (Nature or Nature’s God).
The US Constitution does not grant us our Natural Rights, thus the STATE has no authority to violate any of our Natural Rights — Natural Law trumps Civil Law, and specifically this includes our Natural Right to Self-Defense.
The fact is bad laws should be resisted by both the people and the people’s pubic servants.  For example, if the same corrupt Congress were to make alcohol illegal, it would be the duty of the people and the people’s public servants to actively resist this bad law through civil disobedience until the bad law was overturned.  Of course, this bad law was passed nearly one hundred years ago causing many murders and creating organized crime mobs to boot.  Other such bad prohibitionary laws against various natural drugs have been passed since which likewise cause murders far beyond that of those caused by “gun violence”.
Therefore, should it come to a point in time whereby Congress is able to eliminate the Second Amendment, it remains the duty of all elected officials who took their Oath of Office to resist such tyranny.  Those who refuse to do so make of themselves treasonous domestic terrorists.
Those who disagree with these truths I have presented here ought to then consider the following: when one advocates for any kind of gun confiscation, one is simultaneously advocating the murder of at least 3 million Americans in order to force their opinion upon others through the power of the STATE.
Here is a gentleman who explains this fact, as well as addresses the absurdity of being “against gun violence” while advocating actions that will lead to the murder of millions:
How Gun Control Leads to Murder
So before committing to such acts of treason, tyranny, and murder, each one of you should ask yourself if you are willing to send thugs out to murder millions of peaceful Americans who will not comply with firearm confiscations under any circumstances, because they understand their Natural Right of Self-Defense.
We are only one week away from the NC primary election.  Myself and many other local residents of Buncombe County are paying close attention to everything the Sheriff candidates and presently elected public servants have to say about this crucial matter and will cast our votes accordingly.
In liberty,