iCaucus Ballot and Message from Richard Lynch, NC 10 Congressional Candidate

Richard Lynch has stepped up to our iCaucus candidate vetting process, a Citizen-Led Job interview and true grassroots effort.  Rep Patrick McHenry has not.  He deserves our consideration.  Please click here to listen to his interview so you can receive a ballot for a straight up or down - yes or no vote - on a citizen, like us, who wants to turn this ship around and get back to Constitutionally limited government.  

Interview and ballot for Richard Lynch: https://ashevilleteapac.org/?p=2006 

Message from Richard Lynch, Candidate for NC 10 Congress 

To all those who have been wondering where I have been. I first want to let you know

that contrary to some rumors I am very much alive. LOL


I have taken the last few weeks to do some serious soul-searching. I will be honest with

you. I was questioning rather or not I should run. Hearing comments such as ”you don't

have a chance against McHenry's money"," you do not have name recognition"," what

do you possibly hope to achieve?"," the media will have a field day with you"," the

people are not interested in the Constitution, they are more interested in what you can

do for them" all have had a tendency to dampen my spirits.


For those of you who know me, you know that I am not one for going around preaching

the Bible. While I consider myself to be a Christian, I pride myself on trying to practice

good Christian principles not just merely preaching them. I only bring this up because I

believe it was a direct result of some form of divine intervention in my life over the last

few weeks that led me to the conclusion that not only must I run, but it is my patriotic

duty to run.


One of my major complaints is that there are too many people complaining and not

enough people acting. I have spent the last quarter of a century reading, studying, and

gathering information on what made our country great and on what is destroying it.


Knowing what I know and doing nothing, is just as selfish if not more so, than the very

acts of those individuals that are destroying America. I cannot in all consciousness sit

back and watch as my children and grandchildren are being enslaved to a national debt

exceeding $17 trillion, a national government that is being run by crony capitalist and

self- serving politicians (not to be confused with true capitalist), a national government

whose agenda is geared toward total and absolute dominance of the American people.


Therefore, I invite you, your friends and family to an afternoon gathering on Saturday,

February 8, 2014 from 1 PM to 4 PM. The location is yet to be determined. The theme

of my presentation will be Freedom or Force, You Decide.


I promise you this. My campaign will not be one of empty campaign promises and

political rhetoric but instead will focus on the facts of why we are where we are today,

and what we truly need to do to secure a better future for our children and generations

to come.


God Has Blessed America

Richard Lynch for Congress

10th district NC

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