iCaucus Endorsements Jeanette Doran and Clarence Young/CNN and FreedomWorks Joining Us For Election

When:  Saturday, May 3 2014:  Begins at 2 PM

What:  FreedomWorks Sign Wave/Dinner at French Fryz,Long Shoals and HVL Rd

Where:  Sign Wave: 2PM - 4PM Saturday, 3rd, 2014, Corner of Long Shoals and                                                      Hendersonville Rd., AVL.  

               Precinct Walk:  3PM - 4 PM

               Dinner:  4PM -6PM French Fryz/campaign materials/certificates to                                                   volunteers/video/sign ups at polling sites


When: Monday, May 5th, Noon - PM

What:  Volunteer Meeting and Re-Group for Election Day/CNN Coming. Volunteers and candidates come with materials.

Where:  2161 Hendersonville Rd., Ste G, Asheville, NC 28704 (in between Linamar and Black Forest Restaurant)

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Phone bank calling/pick up signs and your election packages/pick up signs to put at polls on Monday night.   Greet CNN noonish.  Light food and refreshments. 

5 PM - 7 PM:  FreedomWorks Sign Wave corner of Long Shoals and Hendersonville Rd., AVL with Freedomworks

Dinner:  7 PM: Dinner French Fryz/campaign materials/certificates to                                                   volunteers/video. Complimentary dinner.  Sign ups for polling sites


Mark your ballots:  Two new endorsements:

Jeanette Doran, NC Supreme Court

Clarence Young, NC Senate 49

Add them to

Greg Brannon, U.S.Senate (another endorsement Mark Levin:  https://www.facebook.com/marklevinshow/posts/10152408433048832

Richard Lynch, NC 10 Congress

In Henderson:  Add them to

Sheriff Charles McDonald, Sheriff

Andrew Riddle, Commissioner


Sign up for poll working: See here http://ashevilleteaparty.org/?p=9597


A word about surveys and polling:   You need to know WHO is polling and WHO are they polling, WHAT question(s) are they asking.  (600 to 694 likely Republican voters leaves out the unaffiliates who are no longer Republicans, the 'younger' folks who are supporting Brannon.  The puny number is hardly a survey of the millions statewide!  DO NOT be swayed or deterred from doing the right thing and voting for Dr. Brannon.  The Rove camp knows that Dr. Brannon is a serious threat. Tillis cannot beat Hagan.  Surveys:  He loses every one on that count.   See articles below on the Big Money Tillis taking from pro amnesty groups, in addition to the other serious baggage he has )

  • "The Civitas survey was conducted among 600 likely voters, including 210 Republicans, via landline and cell phone on April 19, 21 and 22, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

  • The PPP survey was conducted among 694 likely Republican primary voters from April 26-28, via automated telephone interviews and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points." 

Public Policy Polling is a left-leaning organization.  Yet, their competence is being questioned by the legendary liberal publication The New Republic.  (See THIS and THIS, for starters.)

Documentation: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/senate-races/204645-poll-tillis-nearing-runoff-threshold-in-nc-gop-primary#ixzz30OdSbVPg 

 “Don’t fall for spin being circulated out there. Don’t let Raleigh and DC beat you down and discourage you.   Make your voice heard. “

 Everyone, please pull out all the stops and do something every day to tell people about Dr. Brannon.  Make calls, do a sign wave, distribute some literature.  If you need help figuring things out, we can help you.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Grassroots campaigns are won on individual initiative. 

 Also, talk to Dorothea about working the polls on May 6. Best wishes,  Betty

Look who's giving Tillis Big Money:  




Thom Tillis and David Rouzer - supported by groups favoring amnesty  www.NCListen.com 

"The Republican establishment portion of the Republican Party and illegal cheap labor and amnesty supporters such as the Chamber of Commerce are promoting and funding the campaigns of US Senate candidate Thom Tillis and 7th NC Congressional District candidate David Rouzer......guess why??

The Republican primary opponent of Thom Tillis, Dr. Greg Brannon, scares the Republican establishment with his strong immigration enforcement positions and stand to be a Senator who will not be a puppet.  And note that Thom Tillis has also recently received significant campaign contributions from the political fund of Senator John (amnesty) McCain of Arizona.

The Republican primary opponent of David Rouzer, Woody White, is now being attacked by the Republican establishment and Chamber of Commerce for the very same aforementioned reasons. "

Why you shouldn't vote for Tillis: http://ashevilleteaparty.org/?p=9579


Don't forget to mark your calendar for Fundraiser Event at Fletcher Park, Saturday, May 17th, n00n - 3 PM.  for our iCaucus endorsed candidates.  

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