iCaucus Interview and Ballot for Colby Coren, Candidate for Henderson County School Board/Participate in the Citizen Led Job interview


Do you want our school board members to rubber stamp the status quo, or ones who thoughtfully question policies, curriculum, and strive for transparency?  

It is our responsibility and duty as citizens to assure that we elect principled individuals to the school board  who only have the interests of our  children in mind.  Only WE can make that happen. 

Will you participate in this Citizen-Led Job interview for Colby Coren, Candidate for Henderson County School Board?  Listen to the interview.  Ask questions. Vote.  Encourage others.  The ballot is included. 

Unlike other organizations, iCaucus does not endorse.  WE THE PEOPLE do.  This requires individual participation from citizens like YOU, as our Founders envisioned.  Please take the time to get involved.  For more info on the iCaucus Citizen-Led Job Interview Process, see here:  www.icaucus.org

To cast your ballot and listen to the interview and participate:  iCaucus_logo_thumbnail_(1).jpg

1 (If you have not registered so you can access the ballot, do it here: www.icaucus.org.  Give yourself a password at JOIN. 

2. Go to race page link with ballot and interview here (after you log in): http://www.icaucus.org/henderson_cty_schl_bd

Thank you for participating in this Citizen-Led Job Interview. This ballot and interview will available until Friday, August 29th, 2014.  

For more about Colby Coren, see FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/corenforschoolboard

Please take the time to get involved!  

Call if you have questions.  Thanks!  

Jane Bilello

iCaucus NC State Director


828 692 3117

Dara Dale
iCaucus President

Mitzi Fortune
iCaucus Vice President and National Affiliate Group Director

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