iCaucus is in the process of vetting candidates for the 2012 election.

ATPAC has requested that candidates running for office step up to the iCaucus Citizen Led Job Interview. We will post the candidates who have, thus far, agreed to step up to this process, are currently going through the process, or who have completed the process and received the iCaucus endorsement.

The IC process is a Citizen Led job Interview whose goal is the Triumph of Integrity over Big Money Special Interest Groups.

It is the Candidates choice to participate in this grassroots Citizen Job Led Interview. We will proudly limit ourselves to those individuals who will stand by what they commit to on paper and say in the ICaucus interview. And we will hold them accountable after they are elected. We do not rubber stamp candidates because they are backed by the ‘establishment’ parties. We will only support candidates who walk unafraid of their words and their commitments to WE THE PEOPLE to defend and champion our principles: individual rights, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. To learn more about the ICaucus process click here.

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