Impeachment Info: House Republicans Pushed Back Against Partisan Politics, Fictional Quotes, and False Reporting

 From Heritage Action for America

ICYMI: House Republicans Pushed Back Against Partisan Politics, Fictional Quotes, and False Reporting


During a House Intelligence Committee Hearing, Republicans called out Democrats for disregarding the facts in their latest attempt to take down President Trump.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), and Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) called out Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for using fake quotes in his statement.

REP. MIKE TURNER: “While the chairman was speaking, I actually had someone text me, ‘is he just making this up?’ And yes, yes, he was because sometimes fiction is better than the actual words or the text. But, luckily the American public are smart, and they have the transcript. They've read the conversation. They know when someone’s just making it up.”

REP. ELISE STEFANIK: “On page 1, and I’m not going to improvise for parity purposes like the chairman of this committee did. I’m going to quote it directly.”

REP. BRAD WENSTRUP: “I think it's a shame that we started off this hearing with fictional remarks, the implication of a conversation that took place between a president and a foreign leader, putting words into it that did not exist. They're not in the transcript. And I will contend that those were intentionally not clear, and the chairman described it as parody, and I don't believe this is the time or the place for parody when we are trying to seek facts. Nor do those that were involved with the conversation agree with the parody that the chairman gave us.”

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) criticized Democrats for moving the goalpost on impeachment after the transcript corrected false reporting.

REP. DEVIN NUNES: “The released transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion, but that didn't matter. The Democrats simply moved the goalpost and began claiming that there doesn't need to be a quid pro quo for this conversation to serve as the basis for impeaching the president.”

REP. NUNES: “What other information has come to light since the original false report of a promise being made? We have learned the following: the complaint relied on hearsay evidence provided by the whistleblower. The inspector general did not know the contents of the phone call at issue. The inspector general found the whistleblower displayed arguable political bias against Trump. The Department of Justice investigated the complaint and determined no action was warranted. The Ukrainian president denies being pressured by President Trump.”

REP. NUNES: “Once again, the supposed scandal ends up being nothing like what we were told and once again, the Democrats, their media mouthpieces and a cabal of leakers are ginning up a fake story with no regard to the monumental damage they’re causing to our public institutions and to trust in government.”

Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) ripped Democrats for promoting false reporting rather than the transcript or firsthand information.

REP. JOHN RATCLIFFE: “The question is, at this point, given what we have, why all the focus on this whistleblower? The best evidence of what President Trump said to President Zelensky is a transcript of what President Trump said to President Zelensky, not casting aspersions on the whistleblower's good faith or their intent, but a second-hand account of something someone didn't hear isn't as good as the best evidence of what was actually said, and to that point, despite good faith, the whistleblower is in fact, wrong in numerous respects.”

REP. RATCLIFFE: “None of it is first-hand information. The whistle-blower then goes on to cite additional sources besides those second-hand information. Those sources happen to include main stream media, the sources that the whistle-blower bases his complaints on include The Washington Post, The New York Times, Politico, The Hill, Bloomberg, ABC News and others. In other words, much like the Steele dossier, the allegations in the whistleblower’s complaints are based on third-hand main stream media sources rather than firsthand information.”

Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) correctly described the whistleblower complaint as being based on hearsay.

REP. TURNER: “Now, the complaint we now have, Mr. Director, is based on hearsay. The person who wrote it says I talked to people, and they told me these things.”

Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) called Democrats nuts for accusing Director Maguire of breaking the law when the reality is he was following it.

REP. CHRIS STEWART: “They've accused you of breaking the law, and I’m going to read just one part of many that I could from the chairman. ‘This raises grave concerns that your office, together with the Department of Justice and possibly the White House, have engaged in an unlawful effort to protect the president.’ And there's others that I could read. As they have sought I believe to destroy your character.”

REP. STEWART: “I will say to my colleague sitting here, I think you're nuts if you think you're going to convince the American people that your cause is just by attacking this man and by impugning his character when it's clear that he felt there's a discrepancy, a potential deficiency in the law, he was trying to do the right thing. He felt compelled by the law to do exactly what he did. And yet the entire tone here is that somehow you're a political stooge who has done nothing, but try to protect the president.”