Impeachment Tool Kit: All Of Your Questions Answered



The House and Senate were in recess this week (and will be until Tuesday, October 15), but Heritage Action and our activists were still hard at work, both in DC and in the states.

Answers to your Impeachment Questions

We’ve received a lot of questions, so we released a “toolkit” containing everything you need to know about the impeachment process.

For instance, did you know that Nancy Pelosi did not follow precedent when she unilaterally declared an impeachment inquiry? In both 1973 for Nixon and 1998 for Clinton, the House held a vote to open impeachment inquiries. Pelosi is being blatantly partisan and trying to keep vulnerable Democrats from having to go on record with their position.

Do you have questions about process and procedure? Or how conservatives should be thinking about the issue? Then be sure to read more here.


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Liberals have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment since before he took the oath of office, and Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is just the latest act of political theatre meant to distract the American people from the issues that really matter:

  • Congress has failed to fully fund our government by the Oct 1 deadline.
  • Our military is operating under a “continuing resolution,” which hurts their ability to respond to national-security threats.
  • Our southern border desperately needs securing.

Action Item: This week, call your member of Congress and tell them to “oppose the impeachment inquiry and focus on the issues that matter.”