Jim Womack NCGOP Chair Candidate

#ReviveTheParty:  Watch video at Meck Forum.  Jim’s the best candidate to bring back the grassroots of the party and to turn it back from a good ol’ boys country club.  https://www.facebook.com/jim4ncgop/videos/2149006201879998

Posted by Jim Womack Conservative Coalition NC on Sunday, May 26, 2019

Posted by Jim Womack Conservative Coalition NC on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Jim’s Biography  Watch the video. What Jim is all about 

  1. Eagle Scout; Appointed to West Point – U.S. Military Academy in 1973; Collegiate All-American Cheerleader at “Army” in 1976; Graduated 1977
  2. Career Army Officer in the Cavalry; Served 20 years including Combat Duty with 1st Cavalry Division in Desert Storm; Took 600 soldiers to combat and brought all 600 home- alive and well -to their families; Awarded the Bronze Star for combat duty and the Army’s Legion of Merit for distinguished service; Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1997.
  3. Second Career as an Information Technology Architect & Sales Executive; Sold over $100M in IT products and services over a 10-year career in the private sector; Designed the statewide Health Information System running in all 86 health departments across North Carolina; Expert in salesmanship methods, digital communications, internet services, and social media messaging.
  4. Third career as a public servant- elected County Commissioner in Lee County from 2010-2014; Chaired the state Mining & Energy Commission 2012-2014; Chaired the state Oil & Gas Commission 2018-present.


Political Accomplishments

  1. Long-standing activist and leader in the state Republican Party- Precinct Chairman, County Vice Chair, and County Chair over the last 12 years.
  2. Member of state GOP Executive Committee and state GOP Resolutions Committee for over 6 years.
  3. Jim operates the state’s largest and most productive party headquarters in downtown Sanford- 8,000 square feet with ample storage, meeting & dining space with a kitchen, bar, and dance floor. A predominately Black church meets there on Sunday mornings and a connected Hispanic church group meets on Sunday afternoons.
  4. Recruited and prepared state’s youngest (24-year old) elected woman official as Lee County Commissioner in 2018, knocking off a long-time democrat incumbent.
  5. Lee County is a predominantly democrat county; yet, all but one of his Republicans won contested local races in 2018 – because Jim and his team know how to out-work and out-smart democrats. While most of the state was suffering crippling losses, Lee County had unprecedented wins under Jim’s leadership.
  6. At the state level, Republican registrations have dropped since early 2017, but Republican registrations in Lee County are on the rise over the same time span- since Jim took over as Chairman, in part because of his team’s community outreach and messaging. Black and Hispanic registrations with the Republican Party are rising, and democrat registrations are plummeting.

Jim versus his Opponents

  1. Jim is an avowed, born-again Christian, and speaks about his faith everywhere he goes. John Lewis subtly invokes his faith from time to time.  Whatley never mentions his faith.
  2. Jim Womack is a YUGE Donald J. Trump Supporter. Although Jim initially supported Ben Carson and then Ted Cruz, he came over quickly to the Trump movement in April 2016.  Ever since, Jim has worked tirelessly for Trump- he even has a Trump Store in his GOP HQs- the only such GOP Store in the state.    Jim posts pro-Trump social media memes, comments, and pictures daily on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  Few in the state promote Trump’s brand more than Jim Womack.
  3. Jim is twice retired with a stable income- he is available to work full time for the NCGOP, while his two opponents both intend to keep their full-time jobs and work part-time for the NCGOP as Chairman
  4. Jim lives very close to Raleigh and can commute to be in the Headquarters every day, as needed. The two opponents both live near Charlotte and plan to serve as a remote Chairman, only rarely visiting the Raleigh office- which would amount to business as usual, unacceptable for the NCGOP.
  5. Jim is a grass roots conservative, a long-standing party activist who has continuously worked the polls, raised money, recruited candidates, run campaigns, served as Treasurer for campaigns, and WON tough Republican races against democrats. One of his opponents (Whatley) was a long-time D.C. lobbyist until recently moving back to NC.  The other opponent (Lewis) is a lawyer whose recent party experience has been limited to legal work.
  6. Jim knows Information Systems and digital communications technology. One of his opponents (Whatley) only recently started a facebook page and has no other experience or presence in social media.  His other opponent (Lewis) has limited experience beyond Facebook and has no apparent marketing, branding, or communications experience.
  7. Jim has active combat experience- waging important military campaigns when lives are at stake. He is laser focused on the mission at hand and works tirelessly to leave no one behind or in harms way.  The two opponents have no comparative experience or professional accomplishments that reflect the same abilities.
  8. We will be “at War” with leftist democrats in the municipal elections of 2019 and the general elections of 2020. Who do you want at the helm of the NCGOP going into combat with the leftists?  A Part-time Lobbyist or Lawyer?  Or do you want a proven, full-time, combat leader with a record of winning?
  9. We need a Chairman who will work full-time in and around Raleigh to make sure the Headquarters is doing its job- and who is consistently free to travel across the state to meetings, fundraising events, and rallies—Jim Womack is the only candidate who can do that.
  10. We need a Chairman who knows how to brand, market, and sell the party to donors- Jim has a superior track record of that- having closed millions of dollars of business in the IT industry and having raised over $8.00 per Republican in his county this past year- a threshold no other County Chairman achieved.
  11. Jim has a strategy and plan to execute immediately after being elected as Chairman in June 2019. He will hit the ground running with a proven slate of leaders. Much of his strategic plan is published in position papers at his web site- Jim4NCGOP.com  His opponents have no such plan and have no capacity to implement winning strategies early in their service as chairman.
  12. Jim is a former Corporate Executive, and he ran a highly successful business unit. He is a superior organizer- he knows how to maintain a sales pipeline for resourcing his organization, how to organize his business unit for optimal performance, how to accomplish strategic planning to set goals and eliminate impediments; and he knows how to direct efforts to achieve those goals. Neither of his two opponents have run successful business units and neither has experiences necessary to run the NCGOP like a business.
  13. Jim Womack has extensive political relationships with many members of the NC General Assembly, Council of State, and most Judges and Justices in our Judicial system. Jim is known and trusted as a conservative by most senior officials in the state- including Lt Gov Dan Forest, Justice Paul Newby and State Treasurer Dale Folwell. Neither of the other candidates has nearly the political reach or confidence throughout our Republican governing class.
  14. Jim Womack has been on the ‘Run Forest Run’ Team since its inception in Fall 2011. Jim has been a Dan Forest county and regional coordinator, fundraiser, and campaigner for 8 years. Neither Whatley nor Lewis did anything noteworthy for Forest until last year when Whatley was involved in a fundraiser for the team.